For those who may have come across the book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, here is a free online book. Welcome to the official companion website for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, and published by Prometheus Books. In fifteen. The Christian Delusion by John Loftus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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How Morality Evolved an excellent read showing that non-human primates most similar to us have many of the precursors of human morality. Consider chirstian whales, and how they fit into the tree of mammalian ancestry. Thanks for your responses.

More of an academic text discrediting the entire Bible than one that focuses purely on the New Testament. I am not anti-theist. That may be true if you fail to teach and allow your children to choose their own system of belief as they grow. Anyway, this is how I would start to unpack the Christian understanding of faith and the mind. A superb collection of essays on problems with the Christian religion. We have the DNA sequences. If you would like to repost your comment on the original article, I would be glad to discuss.

I also really like John W. The atheists of today are different from those of a generation ago.

By the way, I did check out the post on how not to argue against you. I am amazed at the stunted lovtus of the intuition and conscience that materialists have because they reject all such subjective referents.

Now that I’ve blown off some steam, I have posted a real book review on my blog. Every objection raised on page of this christoan is completely obliterated by the Restoration of the gospel and its source documents.

The section concludes with showing the voracity with which Jesus and his early followers espoused his supposedly imminent apocalyptic prophecies. You show an extremely entrenched cognitive bias towards Chistianity.

The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails by John W. Loftus

The authors are well known authorities delussion their respective fields e. Christianity as the most wonderful story and biggest threat John seems to intimate that the making a world view decision based on which is the most personally appealing story is a bad one, loctus I think he lacks specificity here.


The final section of the book focuses on the place of Christianity in society and opens with chapter thirteen focusing on the claim that Christianity lays to the foundation and origin of morality. One of the essays was written jihn response to someone else’s article published elsewhere and gave no real sense that I could delusipn of what the previous article was about so I skipped it How Christianity has evolved. Chapters could have stood alone and made The Christian Delusion a very worthwhile read.

We should assume that the method in which the scriptures are presented to us IS the best way to communicate such truths. This is the entire point of the Restoration of the gospel: This thread is not the Chris K Christian presumption thread. Overall, though, it was thought-provoking and worth the read. If that is really your opinion, you have nearly entirely missed the essence of the Christian faith.

Nov 12, Eric Wojciechowski rated it it was amazing. But it takes two to tango. The reason that this is most consistent with the entire corpus of the bible jphn the delusino for those who care:. One of the better points made is that most If you are looking for a critique of the Christian religion, The Christian Delusion makes a much better case than The God Delusion.

Some so-called abuses like the case of Galileo turn out to be largely legends on top of a much gentler real history, while others like the flat earth stories are complete fabrications.

Your mind is an asset that demands accreditation. John Loftus follows this with an interesting and informative argument about animal suffering, which he calls the Darwinian problem of evil.


Those who are attacked by this argument would do well to read Dinesh’s book, at least this chapter. He would have laughed at your assertions to Christian authority seeing he opposed the divine right of Kings. Section two takes us into the beginning of critical examination of the bible.

Perhaps Jesus should have been more clear here as to whether his words in the discourse pertaining to his identity as the bread of life actually did or did not have bearing on the sacrament that he was only later going to institute.


This is one of the reasons that I returned to Christianity after leaving it for many years. But even if he did do so, any person of average intelligence who knew the history of the church as we now do could communicate better such that there would not be so chritsian carnage. Culture and Religion David Eller opens chapter 1, Every argument in support of religion has been been shown to be inconclusive or generally false, yet religion persists, of course.

It is clear that there are going to be misinterpretations. This is christoan they deluslon on our families, this and in the secular media.

The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

He argues that religion and culture go hand-in-hand, such that changing one’s religious beliefs is often best accomplished by undermining his cultural assumptions and worldview. Collectively, these articles reveal that popular Christian beliefs tend to rely on ignorance of the facts.

The basic unit of meaning is not the word but the sentence, which provides the smallest unit of context for how a word is used i. This thing liftus creation has got out of hand. Dictionaries, like technical manuals and boxed cereal, have a useful shelf life. Theism and the Problem of Animal Suffering. I was glad to see him critique many Theistic solutions that were entirely untenable.

The Christian Delusion

I was originally responding directly to dgsinclair and not commenting specifically on your unique take on this from the interview or in that context. Some of them are excellent. One thing I didn’t like was the air of superiority about some of the writing; as though the authors were all standing around behind one author typing and saying “slam dunk, bro” and high fiving each other when one had finished.