Johann Christoph Blumhardt was born July 16, in Stuttgard, Germany. His family was poor but teachers found him to be gifted and they encouraged his. “They all trace their Christian understanding of the world and God’s kingdom to Johann Christoph Blumhardt, a humble pastor in Germany who. Johann Christoph Blumhardt: Christianity: Healing the sick: Pietistic circles exorcists such as Johann Christoph Blumhardt the Elder (–80) have appeared.

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Johann Christoph Blumhardt

He worked hard to reconcile the parishioners and to treat them with more respect than they had been receiving. All her former ailments, well known to her physicians, completely disappeared – the high shoulder, the short leg, stomach troubles, and others. One day a mother came running to Blumhardt because she had spilled a pot of boiling oatmeal on her three year old child.

She did not get better, but in fact got worse. Here he was still considered a pastor of a special parish, and all limitations were lifted from him. Eventually Blumhardt founded a Christian spa by the sulfur springs at Bad Boll where many people reported healing through prayer and Christian instruction. Now Blumhardt understood that this was a battle that had to be won.

About Subscribe to RSS. Notify me of new posts via email. Blumhardt was not a blumharddt and did not attempt a reasoned theology of his stance. The girl became increasingly tormented by sounds, lights, and a sense of physical presences around her.

Johann Christoph Blumhardt | German theologian |

Jesus was doing for precious people what He did as He walked the earth: He married and began to establish his own family and pastoral relationships. Late inBlumhardt prayed for her.


The government and organized church looked upon this latest development with disfavor and disgust. He purchased a run-down sulphur springs spa in Bad Boll, Germany. Parents from another village came to Blumhardt because there son had an eye disease, and a doctor said his only hope was an operation. COM All rights reserved. He is respected as a forerunner of the Divine Healing Movement, which would take his writings and teachings and carry on the revelation he received.

Plough Publishing House has embarked on a bold and very welcome move — to publish, for the first time in English, the works of two remarkable men: They searched the scripture for direction and guidance. Blumhardt picked up the child and prayed. He made an effort to spend time with parishioners and was well-loved.

The child was screaming in pain, and covered with burns. April 4, at 2: I have grown to understand why the apparently superfluous phrase crops up in the Book of Acts: December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Christoph Blumhardt at his desk.

The parish was large having members. Stolen property was returned, broken marriages restored, enemies reconciled, alcoholics freed, and more amazingly still, an entire village experienced what life could be like when God ruled.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It was said that the demonic manifestation ended one night with the demon shouting “Jesus is the victor”. He could not marry until that was accomplished. April 4, at Views Read Edit View history. They held conferences and shared the topics that were impacting the church world-wide. He was hired as a curate and gladly embraced his pastoral role.


This kingdom was wider than the Church and not best expressed in a religious system which was a preserve of the middle-class, concerned only with power and influence. He wanted all of God’s gifts to be honored there. I would like to tell them: His heart was broken, as people would try to reach him with their needs, and he could not pray with them. A young woman exhibiting the classic symptoms of demonisation, as shown in the Gospels, was released after an intensive season of prayer, spiritual battle and exorcism.

Finally, one night the battle came to a fever pitch and she and her family were delivered.

Johann Blumhardt

His next step was to be taken on at the Basel Mission Institute under his uncle in Finally, she came under such attack they thought she was going to die. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In several cases stolen goods were returned Blumhardt believed that the prophets and Jesus wanted a new world: Finally, when he was told that not only could he not pray for people, but he could not give hope out of the scriptures, he felt he could no longer obey.

As Johann Blumhardt lay dying inhe spoke a blessing over his son Christoph