Regular IRON MAN readers know the name Jerry Brainum well. He’s IM’s go-to nutrition-science guru who has his thumb on—no, make that. If you are looking to build muscle safely with natural anabolics then look no further. Below is a free ebook by Jerry Brainum called, “Natural Anabolics”. This Jerry Brainum is the author of Natural Anabolics ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat? ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 re.

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I trust the information I get from Applied Metabolics and from the articles that Jerry has written and continues to write.

After talking with him, it soon became apparent that his knowledge of nutrition and exercise was incomparable. You want info that you can put to use to get faster, stronger, leaner–or maybe live longer–it’s no contest as to who to listen to.

Check out Natural Anabolic savailable at JerryBrainum. Jerry’s Applied Metabolics Newsletter will be a big plus to all of us who are always trying to expand our knowledge. That’s significant because the brain is loaded with polyunsaturated fat, such as the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Garlic is not found in the typical bodybuilding nutrition regimen.

This results in increased fat oxidation of fat to heat. And I like the fact that he has “Brain” right there, in black and white, in his name!

The bottom line is that I am NOT affiliated with any supplement company. For example, not one of the professional boxers that Jerry brainm with ever lost a match while he advised them, except for one, who chose to ignore Jerry’s advice. If more bodybuilders knew about the good things that garlic anagolics, though, they might consider adding a garlic supplement.

In fact, in his book, ‘The Four Hour Body,’ Timothy Ferris claims that he lost a significant amount of fat by adding three minute cold showers a day, to his existing training and diet. Monday, January 29, Brrainum With Benefits: If you are serious about your bodybuilding, Jerry’s newsletter will provide you with the information that you need to build your championship physique. Whatever your goals in the way of fitness, competition, or health, reading Jerry’s work is the best way to go, by far.


Supplements That Work

In one study of mice on a high-fat diet, the subjects showed all the symptoms of the metabolic syndrome, including obesity, fatty liver, insulin resistance and negative inflammatory changes in fat cells. The B6 is added because its actions appear to blunt an enzyme called fatty acid synthase that is an important player in the fat-storage process. Repeated administration of fresh garlic increases memory retention in rats. You can get that in about 25 grams of whey protein.

Jerry Brainum (Author of Natural Anabolics)

Both heat and cold can enhance training and both, greatly influence injuries. My mission is to show you what works and why. Again, the mechanism was thought to be a blunting of the normal catabolic effects in muscle, which would tip the metabolic scales toward anabolism, or growth. Each passing year, his writing became more insightful and supported with solid research. To be truly physically fit requires attention to three main aspects of fitness: So how much leucine should you get to promote muscle protein synthesis and fat loss?

During that time, he has always been the “go to” guy for me and many other pro bodybuilders. Ds publish or understand. Read it from cover to cover a couple of times. Universe and screen Hercules, Reg Park. Contrast a meter sprinter who may be jrry the hill’ at 25! Frank Zane, a three-time Mr. Jerrry met Jerry in a candy store in Brooklyn, and I wanted to ask him about the training techniques used by the best West Coast bodybuilders.


About Jerry Brainum

No suggestion was given for the women not responding. My articles have appeared in the foreign editions of over 30 international publications. By helping lower high counts of cytokines, immune proteins that increase during exercise, garlic helps lower excess inflammation and speed up and improve exercise recovery. Only the greater dose of whey produced a sustained boost in protein synthesis that lasted three to five hours.

When working with professional boxers, Jerry was able to help them make their weight limit without ever resorting to the extreme methods often used for the same purpose. I was shocked and amazed about Jerry’s anabbolics of dieting, nutrition, and training.

My name is Bob Fritz. S” answer, you ask Jerry Brainum. Anagolics of a leucine and pyridoxine-containing nutraceutical on fat oxidation and oxidative and inflammatory stress in overweight and obese subjects. It in anti-inflammatory jerr boosts insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation.

A role of diallyl sulphide in the treatment of muscle wasting. The knowledge in it is priceless. I’ve learned a great deal from him, and along with my father, consider nwtural one of my mentors.

If you want to make every mouthful,set, anabooics or protein shake count, read anything by Jerry. No other amino acid comes close to the potency of leucine in triggering mTOR activity.

Jerry is, by far, the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met regarding nutrition and supplementation. I would like to thank Jerry for what he’s done for me and our sport of bodybuilding.

After 28 days, their average quad strength was up 5. The most important and knowledgeable person that I have encountered during my successful year bodybuilding career is Jerry Brainum.