You may not have heard Jean-Claude Forest’s name, but you know his most famous creation, the free-love sci-fi classic Barbarella. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Book 1 (first collected in ), Barbarella’s. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Forest barbarlela the sexual aspects of the Barbarella stories within a thoroughgoing cheekiness, and in fact he was ambivalent about how readers received his comics. Or is it a burlesque spin on sci-fi? So, as you can imagine, I’m a teensy bit focused on Jean-Claude Forest’s work. A Space Odyssey which was actually released in the same year is confusing. The comment is too vague to be called an understatement, but it at least hints at the challenges of reading to say nothing of adapting Barbarella.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Great stories and images very well published. Bastante ridicula, no muy divertida y muy increible, ni siquiera el erotismo que transmite la salva un poco, pero tiene sus cosas interesantes, como la ciudad de Sogo.


I liked the way the earlier colors as well, at least for the way in barbarellla they delineated the different chapters. Why did you save her [Slupe]? Oct 20, Nathan “N. It’s an equally useful and compelling way to “take care of” the bad guys and deal with conflict, especially for the seemingly random, unm Better than the nearly unwatchable movie version.

There have been attempts for years to get a new Barbarella movie or TV show off the ground, and it seems inevitable that such a thing will happen eventually. A character named Dildano who captains a phallus-shaped spaceship? That story of makes sense, especially if you’ve read the book which I have.


Where No Comic Had Gone Before: Celebrating Jean-Claude Forest And ‘Barbarella’

And I admit, I honestly like the movie more – though it was fun to read the original comics and find all the bits they pulled for the film. Forest works with an enjoyably untidy line that still captures, with clarity, his modernist spaceships and exotic alien terrains. Kelly Sue DeConnick resolves some of this through a kind of doubling down.

Jun 27, Artur Coelho rated it really liked it. Jean-Claude Forest regarded his creation as the futuristic extrapolation of the modern, free-love-practicing, empowered woman. Various of the seeds of the movie are here, though, including Pygar, Duran Durand who was conflated with the Master Locksmith for the filmand even The Excessive Machine.

Although there was no official quota requiring French content, the publishers chose not to use the original American covers and commissioned Forest to produce new French covers, in which beautiful women frequently featured.

There’s no overarching plot. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The newer exchange not only includes an additional innuendo, it also positions Barbarella as a less deferential character.

It’s not even lingering, and Forest’s sketchy art style, combined with the two-color art, doesn’t always make it obvious just how naked anyone is. It was first collected into a book inand was a huge success, exported and translated all over the world.

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In America, anxious to avoid legislation, the jeaj of publishers banded together in to finance their own regulator, the Comics Code Authority, which enforced rigorous, infantilizing limits on content. But you know his most famous creation. Preview — Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest. But it’s barbarelal colors that left me breathless here.

I guess back when Barbarella was first published it would have been quite titillating. It is interesting to see how the character began. The comic barabrella us a little more of the world, but the movie jena uses the most compelling parts of the comic.


One Book Called Ulysses. Barbarella is a fictional heroine in a French science fiction comic book created by Jean-Claude Forset. This first collection, wrestled into book form by Grove Press and graced with a somewhat clumsy translation a later edition from Humanoids features a new translation by Kelly Sue DeConnick has a tendency to be a bit abrupt in transitions thanks to the original format.

The series has been reprinted, at least in part, in English. The issues of consent sometimes feel a little murky, as is too often the case in fiction from this time period, but Barbarella’s enjoyment of these encounters is never in doubt. Might be groundbreaking because it was an “adult” comic strip, but while some of the content might have seemed scandalous when it was new these days you’ll see sexier situations on the Disney Channel. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Oct 29, at She is a creature of the future who is confronted with the monsters and robots of the forrest planet, and she is put to one test after another. InTCJ collected anecdotes from various comics creators, excerpted here.

Barbarella (comics) – Wikipedia

I thought those color shifts did a good job of splitting up the reading, and it would have been nice to see a higher res sort of version of that. Nov 02, Lisa rated it liked it.

Oct 29, at 1: