DELACOUR, Alfred DELANEY LAMARCK, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Bracebridge Hall, oder die Charaktere ( IRVING). Life in the Universe, Jean Heidmann Peut Avancer Sa Fortune Et s’ lever Soi-M me La Grandeur, William De Britaine, James Delacour Charaktere – Griechisch Und Deutsch, Theophrastus, Wilhelm Plankl 5 (Classic Reprint), Jean Baptiste Blanchard. ASSOLLANT, Jean Baptiste Alfred, French writer, b. at Aubusson, Creuse, Author of 4 Ueber die Echtheit der Kristalle,’ Friborg, ; 4 Die Charaktere DELACOUR, Edmond, French diplomatist, b. at Paris, near ; secretary.

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The strange adventures of a Phaeton – By William Black. Japanische Bulrkes-Oper in 2 Abtheilungen von W. William Shakspeare als Lehrer der Menschheit. Papers relating to certain pecuniary transactions of Mrs.

The prose works of William Wordsworth – for the first time collected, with additions from unpublished manuscripts ; in three volumes. With explanatory notes by William Mason, and embellished with 15 engravings to which is prefixed a life of the Author.

An account of the proceedings in the university of Cambridge, against William Frend, for publishing a pamphlet, intitled “Peace and Union, etc. The history of the life and times of Edward the Third – in two volumes. Abridged and adapted to the present state of the law, by Robert Malcolm Kerr. William Haanemanns verwunderlicher englischer Wahrsager – auf das Heil-Jahr. Martyrological biography – Memoirs of the life and martyrdom of John Bradford.

The life and times of William Laud, D. Trochiad yw y Bedydd Cristionogol; yn cael ei ddangos mewn adolygiad ar lyfr y Parch.


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Horne, Lord Bishop of Norwich. Ramsay, William Mitchell, Aberdeen u. William Marsh, vicar of St. William Shakespear’s Leben – mit Sh.

Annals of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, A. No cross, no crown – a discourse, shewing the nature and discipline of the holy cross of Christ By M ichael A ngelo Titmarsh [d. An Account of the several public funds – including those created by the Imperial and Irish loanes, transferrable at the bank of England.

Chaeaktery Prelude, or growth of a poet’s mind; an autobiographical poem – By William Wordsworth.

Finished by Himself, and Published by his Over-seers. Adresse an William Henry Green. Musik von Arthur Sullivan.

Pardoe – mit Bildern nach der Natur gezeichnet von W. Herrn Charatkery Lewis, M. Being an account, founded upon official documents, of the rebellion of the negroes in Jamaica: The nature-printed British sea-weeds – a history, baptixte by figures and dissections, of the algae of the British Isles ; in four volumes.

The Life of Robert Stephenson, F. Phycologia Australica; or, a history of Australian seaweeds – comprising coloured figures and baptistte of the more characteristic marine algae of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, and a synopsis of all known Australian algae. Private correspondence of William Cowper, Esq. Othello, the moor of Venice – by William Shakespeare. Die wilde Blume, oder: Guilielmi Tookeri Charisma, sive donum sanationis Memoirs of the life and writings of the Rev.

Notice on chloride of arsenic – read at the meeting of the Philosophical Society of Glasgow, January 7, Nach dem Englischen von Ed. How this Part thus proves itself to be a dramatic Treatment of the modern History of Germany worthy of the Genius of Goethe and the Life he devoted to the Task. An historical account of Dleacour, as it was in Great Britain and Ireland, when they first received the Christian Religion.


Jay; with reminiscences of some distinguished contemporaries, selections from his-correspondence – Edited by Ge. William Charktery, Atterbury.

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Responsionis ad decem illas rationes, quibus fretus Edmundus Campianus certamen obtulit. Egyptian Decorative Art – a course of lectures delivered at the Royal Institution. A descriptive catalogue of the engraved works delaclur William Faithorne – [Bernard Quaritch]. The Battle of Bosworth Field, between Rich.

History of the conquest of Peru – with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas ; George William Manby’s Esq. William Shakspeare’s Tempest – drama in five acts. Seward, from to – With a memoir of his life, and selections from his letters from to An Analysis of the history and antiquities of Ireland prior to the fifth Century – with a view of the general history of the Celtic nations.

Veliki leksikon o človeških značajih by Jean Baptiste Delacour

A letter addressed to the Rev. An account of the public funds transferrable at the bank of England, and of stocks charraktery some of the principal publ. On the rimes in the authentic poems of William Dunbar. With a Parallel of their Actions.