Solutions for MVS SYSTEM ABEND CODES like S0C1, S0C7, SB37, SE37 etc. There was a conflict between the program, the JCL DCB, and the data set DCB. This article list down various JCL abend codes along with their cause and action taken by the user. ABEND Code U or U (X’D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program All related Job Logs and JCL listings.

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The program on the library was not executable. The error occurred at an end-of-volume for a sequential data set.

ABEND codes

Some required DCB information was omitted. The DD statement did not specify indexed sequential organization. Verify that the JCL specifies the correct volume and device. Block sizes were increased or buffers were added, and the region size was not increased. Recreate the data set specifying the correct DCB information. A floating point register other than 0, 2, 4, or 6 was specified in a floating point instruction. For more technical support, ask our Experts in our Mainframe Forum.

If the time parameter was not specified, the default time limit was exceeded.


If a data set is used from a preceding job step, be sure that the data set was created and passed correctly. The time limit was exceeded for a job or job step. Can open was issued for a direct access data set, but the data set had indexed sequential organization. You have a subscript or index that is going out-of-bounds on an table or occurs clause. The data set name in the JCL did not match the data set name on the tape. Logic fell into input procedure 3.

The data set name in the JCL was misspelled. A multiplier or divisor was too large exceeds 15 digits and sign 3. Tape volume error occurring only for tape datasets.

If still you are getting the same SB37, then you need to change the Tracks to Cylinders. S Abend Too many job steps.

An error occurred in processing the FTP commands, a remote host disconnected, or a file transfer failed.


The data set was password protected, and a correct password was not entered. In writing to a sequential data set with variable length records, an invalid length field was encountered: S An error occurred in opening either a direct access or a magnetic tape data set.


The number of output lines was underestimated in the JCL. A stop run or goback was executed before a data set was closed. The specified data set could not be located. Invalid argument to unloadm. The JCL volume serial number was wrong. S0C2 Privileged operation exception. Check the parameter lists passed to the P-service.

Free detected invalid pointer to a block.

Target of a longjmp cannot be found. Raise the region size on the TCPaccess job. Moving data to a zero address or to an address less than decimal is a very frequent cause of this abend.

A stop run occurred before all opened data sets were closed. Make sure that the file protection xodes is available for an output data set. If the problem occurs after start-up, submit the TCPaccess job.

Check the DCB attributes of the problem data set and correct any inconsistencies. The maximum number or output lines has been exceeded. Corruption of auto storage control blocks during new DSA allocation.