Jan Tschichold (–) is a reputed European typographer. Very few of those who write about typography and book design (and they are. 28/01/ · Dallas, TX · The Form of the Book, by Jan Tschichold, is the authority on book design and the best book I have ever read on typography (and I ‘ve. THE OF FORM THE BOOK The form of the Book offers the harvest of a lifetime’s devotion to the art of typography. Its author, Jan Tschichold.

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I did enjoy the layout of the title with the subtitle alternating line by line. Marilia Chaves rated it really liked it Aug 07, Essays on the Morality of Good Design is all about its visible shape or configuration.

A good slab-serif, as well as a good sanserif, is probably tshichold. Return to Book Page.

Nov 02, Simon rated it did not like it. Feb 04, Leonard Houx rated it it was amazing Shelves: Part of me wants to strangle him for his obdurate, close-minded nature while the other half applauds his attention to detail. More valuable yet is a working ttschichold of calligraphy.

The Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold

Tschichold ranges from its shape and size, its cover and title page, via its typeface, margins, paragraphs and section headings, through to footnotes, its index, colophon, and even the blank pages before its final covers. He loves the finer points of design and book production, and there are eloquent passages on the spacing of ellipses, the thickness of an em-dash, the positioning of illustrations, and — two of his pet hates — white paper and the design of book jackets.


Plus, I love the subtitle. Typesetting without leading is a torture for the reader. Form of the Book: It becomes invisible by being tasteful.

Although, he has made me much more aware of fonts. One thing I can definitely say in Tschichold’s favor, he is quite certain of what is proper and what is not.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. My favourite part is when Tschichold compare the quarto and octavo formats to men and women.

In case you were confused: As beautiful as the ratio of 2: It’s the whole point of the cover—to convey a scene, mood, or summary of the book. This is Bible of Design. Want to Read saving….

It’s not just legibility that one must be concerned with, but the need to make the text easily read. Not everything in the book or these excerpts is immediately relevant, but the basic principles can still be applied.

The Form of the Book : Essays on the Morality of Good Design

Kirk rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Contact info for Canadian, European, and Asian offices available on their site. This is the best contact info I have for them from their siteand I will post others means if I get them.


Learn how your comment data is processed. The true garment of the book is its cover; the jacket is merely the raincoat.

Dividing in to tweflths we get … a larger type area when compared with figure 5. In this digest, I have taken the time to excerpt the most enlightening bits.

I have made sure to leave in some artifacts so you jn get a feeling for the text, warts and all. Planning and execution must go hand in hand. As well as the horror of not indenting my paragraphs! Libro che ogni grafico dovrebbe aver letto e meditato.

A solid understanding of the fundamentals detailed in this book will make any designer better. The broader margins resulting from division by nine permit a slightly larger type size than does the division by twelve.

Jun 20, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: He also has essay titles which are almost amusingly didactic: The proportions between them ar Jan Tschichold’s argument runs like this.