All about James Potter and the Vault of Destinies (James Potter, #3) by G. Norman Lippert. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for. The James Potter series is an unofficial sequel-series of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, Curse of the Gatekeeper; James Potter and the Vault of Destinies; James Potter and the Morrigan Web; James Potter and the Crimson Thread. Unabridged audio versions of the James Potter Series novels by G. 41, Ep Vault of Destinies Chapter 15, The Star of Convergence.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. He looked back at her from the vxult corridor. Merlin likes to walk while he talks, you know. They do things like watch the television! To James, it began to look like the top of a giant’s head, fringed with wild hair, peeking over the horizon.

Without even trying, she had smitten him. A monstrous, serpentine shape became visible as it shot beneath the boat, dragging the magical fishing line with it.

It was like the play, The Triumvirateall over again, like their fleeting, staged kiss at the potteg, the potterr that should have ended so wonderfully, and had instead ended with chaos and near tragedy. Petra’s ominous storyline continues from Lippert’s The Girl on the Dockweaving into the James Potter plot-line seamlessly and catastrophically. James understood now what the mysterious shapes were that he had seen earlier that morning, the mirrored bubbles that had moved ponderously back and forth between the city and the ocean’s surface.

Man, were me and my friends this lame about coming potter with nicknames like these? This book series is like a train wreck you watch from a distance. Izzy, Lily, and Petra had gotten off the ferry by then and joined the others near the base of the statue. Such is the course of history.

Overall, I found the creative world and situation to draw me in and picture some fascinating settings. It rose up into the city swiftly, propelled by its powerful tentacles, and Albus gasped and pointed, laughing out loud; one of the Atlantean farmers was being towed behind the octopus, tethered to it by a long length of cord and standing on a sort of rounded board, which he used like a fin to steer and bob through the currents.


Walk with us, won’t you?

James Potter and the Vault of Destinies by G. Norman Lippert

James saw that she had her knapsack in her left hand, partly unzipped. Complicating matter, however, is the very real possibility that, despite james grownling feelinf for petra, she may indeed be guilty of the crime she has been accused of, and perhaps even worse things. James is expected by the whole of the wizarding world to either surpass or be equal to his father, and that is what worries James.

About fifteen minutes and a tea party? I’d advise you to keep your wits and wands destiniws the ready as we embark on this journey. I really enjoyed thf glimpse of the American wizarding world offered in this book. James thought for a moment. Ahh another Potter book down.

James Potter and the Vault of Destinies.jpg

The woman slowed and faced Audrey, her expression unchanging. He takes the world of Harry Potter and adds Please note that if you signup avult a print-disability account with us, you may pottrr asked to confirm you have a registered disability that affects your ability to read printed material at any time.

His voice carried easily over the lapping waves as he muttered, “Tells me all’s clear along the vaulf o’ the compass.

Doesn’t he know what will happen, if several spiders are put into anv jar? Like a memory of something that didn’t really happen, or happened very differently. Apparently, everyone else had seen it before he had, including his own mum, who had made some fairly embarrassing comments about it in the wake of the school play. It was followed by an echoing female voice. It’s not an easy thing, conjuring sea serpent pheromone, believe you me. This may sound a little bias. The students babbled on, not sparing the others a glance, and James had the distinct impression that the woman had spoken more for his, Petra, and Audrey’s benefits than that of her own charges.


If she beats us back to the gates, she’s likely to give us detention for being late even if we aren’t going to be here to serve it.

A little while later, James had finished his breakfast and discovered he was too excited to sit still any longer. Ralph had glanced back at Albus, then at Merlin, who was still chatting with the Aquapolis elders some distance away. Gulls circled overhead and alighted on the waves around the ship, where they bobbed like corks.

Were you like me? She’s good at that.

Maybe that would weaken it. James watched, dumbstruck, as the landmass grew, extending great rocky arms out to embrace the Gwyndemerecreating a bay around it. If there was, and if James was going to be a part of it, he thought that he might just be ready for it. The author’s warning in the beginning is correct.

They were well-written and satisfying, even if they aren’t J. He’s like a dog in a carriage window, isn’t he? It was virtually deserted, overshadowed by a rocky promontory decked with a very antiquated lighthouse.

I can think of dozens of security applications for such a thing. Slowly, the island rose, pushed upwards by a great, dark shelf of stone. James looked as well, noticing that all of the sails were furled tightly, lashed to the masts in neat bundles.

For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

I found this to be the weakest book plot wise–trying to juggle destknies many plots and subplots that didn’t congeal well. Izzy plopped onto the sunny deck and crossed her legs. Harry, as head Auror, has been sent to the United States to help investigate a nefarious underground group whose proclaimed goals are to unite the Muggle and Magical worlds by any means necessary.