Sayyid Muhammad ibn Safdar Husayni, known as Sayyid Jamal-al-din Afghani or Sayyid Jamal –al-din Asadabadi was born in in Iran. Other primary documentation is found in N. R. Keddie, Sayyid Jamal ad-Din “al- Afghani”: A Political Biography, Berkeley, ) Life. Jamāl-al-dīn was born in. Sayyid Jamal al-Din Asadabadi () became renowned as “al-Afghani.” Born into a Turkic-speaking Shi`ite family in a small Azeri town near Hamadan.

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Nonetheless, his writings and example had an immediate modernist influence, particularly on Egyptian and Iranian nationalists. He spent his last days in a pitiable condition and lasted his final breath on March 9, When the flame of independence was spread in India he was in Makah, performing the pilgrimage. Belief in ittihad i Islam – Unification of Islam and pan-Islamism, but not a single Islamic avghani or rule of Sharia law.

Although the paper lasted only several months init was subsidized apparently by Blunt and others, and sent free to important persons throughout the Muslim world, upon jamalluddin it exercised some influence.

An Islamic response to imperialism: Babism, which is known for its terrorist activities, also branched out from this path. However, in contradiction to radical Islamists, Afghani was more a philosopher than a religious Imam.

The Sayyidi lineage as well as the name Muhammad were appended later to prove he is Mahdi. In Januaryal-Afghani and his network published an especially inflammatory pamphlet attacking the Shah and the tobacco concession that he had granted to the British.

Jamal al-Din al-Afghani – Wikipedia

When he arrived in Afghanistan in he claimed to be from Constantinopleand he might not have made this claim if he had never even seen agfhani city, jamaludddin could be caught in ignorance of it. Consult detailed terms of use and copyright information. The “a” is usually pronounced like the “a” in m a rket, sometimes as the “a” in “Arafat.


There are numerous variant renderings of the same Arabic or Hebrew words, such as “Hizbollah,” “Hisbulla” etc. Pragmatism was al-Afghani’s lifestyle. He usually traveled with his Iranian passport. He believed these traits were responsible for the greatness of the Greeks and others others.

He advocates a reform program based on selective reading of the Quran and Islamic traditions. They went to London together, where he stayed for three months He then left India, and spent a short time in Egypt before arriving in Paris in Those who object to this are as deserving of damnation as Prophet Afhani archenemy Abu Jahl. He went to Istanbul with diplomatic immunity from the British Embassy which raised many eyebrows, but nevertheless was granted a house and salary by the Sultan.

It was merely due to his influenced that Czar allowed publication of Quran and other religious book in Russia. Reza returned to Iran and on May 1, jamalddin, as the the Shah was preparing to celebrate the Jubilee of his rule, Reza assassinated him.

Princeton University Press,pp. The ideological content of the History of Afghanistan is intended to glorify Afghan nationalism and resistance jjamaluddin British colonialism.

The legend created by his leading students, notably Abduh, is a standard warped story that begins with a Sunni background stating that he was born afhani educated in Afghanistan. His family traced their lineage back to Imam Hussain.

Religion is useful to keep the masses, who may gradually evolve toward greater rationalism but seem not destined fully to reach it, moral and obedient. In other parts of Afghanistan, there are many places like hospitals, schools, Madrasas, Parks, and roads named Jamaluddin Afghan.

In this letter which he penned in French and was later translated into other languages, al-Afghani says, “all religions, in particular Islam, prevent science from advancing.

All warned against the blind pursuit of Westernization, arguing that blame for the weaknesses of Muslims lay not with Islam but rather with Muslims themselves, because they had lost touch…. It was published in Egypt during the second Afghan war and seems to be aimed at Egyptian nationalists as well. After India he spent some time in Iraq.


No evidence supports the story that he was poisoned by the sultan.

One World,pp. Afghani in moved towards Istanbul from London. The Catholic nationalists sent by his Russian friend, Madame Helena Blavatsky, the Irish revolutionaries, priests, et cetera would always visit him.

Brief History Zionism Zionism: Al-Afghani led a brief but very active life. Likewise in the Refutation of Materialism, there is little that could be called “Islamic” advocacy, but rather there is general spiritual advocacy.

On the other hand he maintained his contact with the Russians. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.

In Afghanistan he did not appear at all as a religious figure, but as one giving purely political, anti-British, advice. A – Middle East Resources. In fact, he issued orders for his arrest. He came to know the great prime minister, Sir Salar Jang, and engaged in teaching and disputation. He is said to have believed that the masses were unready to follow philosophy and had to be taught through use of fundamentalist religion.

After losing hope, he tried his hand at being mahdi. Click here to show further instructions. Inhis remains were transferred to Kabul, Afghanistan, and a mausoleum was erected there. Egypt – Al-Afghani fled to to Cairo and remained there until and did some of his most fruitful work.

He also engaged Ernest Renanthe French historian and philosopher, in a famous debate concerning the position of Islam regarding science. Thank you for your feedback.