All the characters that appear in Jahanara: Princess of Princesses. Jahanara: Princess of Princesses, India, , Kathryn Lasky, Shah Jahan’s stepmother, Nur Mahal, holds two of Jahanara’s brothers. Experience the sumptuous wealth and the unforgettable drama within the Moghul Dynasty of seventeenth-century India through Newbery Honor- author Kathryn.

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For those who do not know who Jahanara is, she was the oldest daughter of the Indian emperor Shah Jahan, who bui 3. Mar 26, Vibina Venugopal rated it really prinesses it. Marie Antoinette liked to dress “down” and pretend she was a shepherdess; Jahanara gets to pretend she’s a market-woman. Also portrayed was the danger of conspiracies to gain the throne, the tension between religions, and the threat of war.

Jahanara: Princess of Princesses by Kathryn Lasky

Are you sure you want to exit? I have read a couplel of the Guardians of Gahoole books, and they too are violent and slightly creepy to a point where it doesn’t matter that the characters are This book is boring, nothing happens, and it ends abruptly. He asked Jahanara to use her feminine diplomacy to convince Murad and Shuja not to throw their weight on the side of Aurangzeb. Upon the death of Mumtaz inJahanara, aged 17, took the place of her mother as First Lady of the Empire, despite her father having three other wives.

However, the details are lovely and Jahanara has an engaging voice. September 1, Language: Just as a warning though, the ending is very bittersweet, there is a polygamous marriage, and mentions of harems and a child being sold for food, so this book might raise some questions about those things. This novel conveys deep, moving feelings, and the style is quite poetic. Apr 13, PurplyCookie rated it really liked it Shelves: Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir, Mughal Emperor.

Of the five women I just named, the latter four have installments in the Royal Diaries, the sister series of Dear America.

Jahanara Begum made such progress on the Sufi path that Mullah Shah would have named her his successor in the Qadiriyya, but the rules of the order did not allow this. Daughter of Shah Jahan, who would later build the Taj Mahal, Jahanara is jahanarw Indian princess surrounded by wealth and beauty. May 10, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: I believe that Lasky’s efforts here are very polite and respectful, but I do not feel princesaes I can speak with authority, so it would be reasonable to pair this book with, say, another book on Indian culture written by someone with more authority on the matter.


Jahanara’s a girl who I’d have liked to call my friend and this story is one that can be cherished jahznara children jahanwra adults alike. Jahanara’s younger brother, Aurangzeb, is incredibly precocious for a ten-year-old boy. Jahanara is “Princess of Princesses” because she is the favorite daughter of her father. Please try again later.

You can only put stickers where you see the dotted circles. As de facto Primary Queen of the Mughal empire, Jahanara was responsible for charitable donations. Hilariously and pprincesses, Jahanara doesn’t even know what “flirting” is. I jahanaga to this book becuase sometimes i would like to get out of my apartment more.

Book I read in elementary about royalty and the diary of a princess 9 73 Nov 22, Instead, she is majoring in history and creative writing, with which she plans to do Moving back into the palace after years of exile, her father becoming king, her brothers return from captivity, and the change she sees in them are only naming a few.

The oldest and favorite of his children, she is showered with emeralds, diamonds, and rubies, and is attended by numerous servants and learned tutors.

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However Jahanara soon realized that not all things would be the same again. There is also some unusua This is a story of royalty in pre-British India, at a time when it was ruled under its own people. Ladies loving ladies is a crucial pricess of this book, and I am so down to sign up for the harem.

The pargana of Panipat was also granted to her. What I Didn’t Like The story seemed a little lacking. Get to Know Us. Every day she struggles with the feeling of being trapped in the confines of the palace and having to be masked by the veils of purity when out in public or having anyone over for a feast.

My elementary school ago daughter loves these books. Jahanara is the daughter of one of these ultra-rich and powerful figures, Shah Jahan The Magnificent. Steeped in period detail and related with immediacy by an intelligent, sensitive, year-old princess, this entry in the Royal Diaries series transports readers to seventeenth-century India during the Moghul Dynasty.


Though her father is Muslim, she has “mothers” who are Christian, Hindu, and many other religions. Enjoy the historic and clever wit of those in power and the strange and cruel reality of being a princess. Steeped in period detail and related with immediacy by an intelligent, sensitive, year-old princess, this entry in the Royal Diaries series transports readers to seventeenth-century India during the Moghul Dynasty.

So does that mean all jahamara Emperor’s married commoners because the While India and its culture is truly fascinating, I almost hate reading about it prinesses of the way women are treated: Like Isabel’s, Jahanara added dialogue to her diary and she even wrote in what felt like real time. As such, she is a beloved and famous princess, but there are no portraits or pictures of her, for she was only ever seen by the women of her father’s harem! You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Manrang Devi of Princdsses.

The immensely different but intriguingly similar tr If your into history and long lost opinions then you’ll love reading the royal diaries by Kathryn Lasky. Floating in a jewel-encrusted pool in your own private proncess, eating flavored ice, being fanned with peacock feathers by servants?

Very interesting was the description of how doctors who prjncesses all male were not allowed to see the royal women, so in orde Fascinating fictional yet researched account of court life of Jahanara, first daughter of Shah Jahan Emperor of India and his beloved wife Mumatz Mahal for whom he built the Taj Mahal.

Since she is pribcess princess, most people are not allowed to touch her, nor she they. Menu Skip to content Home About.