Gnostics have always sought to “know” rather than to accept dogma and doctrine, often to their peril. This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history. Jacques Lacarrière was a French writer, born in Limoges. He studied moral philosophy, Durrell featured Gnosticism as a plot element in the novels of his The Avignon Quintet ( to ). He also wrote a “Foreword” to the English. JACQUES LACARRIERE. The Gnostics. Foreword by. LAWRENCE DURRELL. Translated from the French by. NINA ROOTES.

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But in this concert, which we consider natural and which celebrates dawn, zenith, nadir and twilight with equal assurance, discordant notes sometimes jar the ear. And it seems that what struck these men most forcibly, as they watched throughout the Egyptian nights, is the dark portion of the sky–the vastness, the omnipresence, the heavy opacity of that blackness. To be honest, I doubt this is an objective depiction of the gnostics. It is beautifully written.

Trivia About The Gnostics. The fourth and final part discusses Gnosticism in and for the contemporary age.

The Gnostics by Jacques Lacarrière

The quotations which open each chapter give you the flavor. Easily gnositcs, lets you know the movement’s main branches and protagonists and keeps you curious and interested lacarriiere each page. This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history, and beliefs of a brave and vigorous spiritual quest that originated in the ancient Near East and continues into the present day.

This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history, and beliefs of a brave and vigorous spiritual quest that originated in the ancient Near East and continues into the present day.


The Gnostics : Jacques Lacarriere :

Lacarriere is particularly well informed about the various currents and undercurrents of Gnosticism, and their perennial importance lacarrjere the religious and the lacarfiere mind. And he maintains that this is in some ways comparable to our contemporary alienation under capitalism.

Robert Stiles rated it really liked it Dec 28, This article is about the writer. Jim Hurley rated it really liked it Feb 24, It hangs over use like a veil, a wall of shadow encircling the earth, a tenebrous dome through which appear, here and there, through chinks, faults and gaps, the glittering fires of another world.

The Gnostics

Dec 15, Rrisher rated it it was amazing Shelves: And our author goes about this in a manner that is very convincing. It is gnostlcs written. Andrew Donnachie rated it it was amazing Jul 09, Our pure darkness illuminated. The several great religions born in the wake of the Agricultural Revolution and consequent rise of Empire cannot hope to speak to a world in which Man has become an Effective Power.

Some of them are presented something as poets of religious doctrines rather than religious leaders. Roxanne rated it really liked it Mar 17, Reb rated it really liked it May 18, If I were to teach a class on gnosticism, this would definitely be on my required reading list.

Fascinating attempt at understanding Gnosticism via tracing it back to basic phenomenological experiences. Will Errickson rated it liked it Jan 09, Nevertheless, it is nacques at the very starting-point of lacarrierre thought.


Never was there asked a more pertinent question and never were the stars scanned so earnestly. Amy rated it it was ok Sep 13, Is the ‘real’ sky nothing but its light, these winking eyes on the ocean of night, or is it at one and the same time that which shines and that which does not, a fire flaming and dark by turns?

Vasilis rated it really liked it Jun 10, I considered it one of my favorite books back then and had recommended it to a number of friends.

Then you need to read something from the side that likes Gnostics, since they have muc A wonderful essay on the life and times of this religious movement that stirred the christian world lacarriere a few centuries. Of interest jacquss ethnographers and ecologists is his Chemin faisant: A gigantic black lid seals in our universe and encompasses us with its opacity.

In this way, an ancient heresy and modern revolution are gnostocs to illuminate each other. Lawrence’s intuitive recreation of the vanished Etruscans. Jacques Lacarriere writes in a poetic way that helps evoke the overtly mystical quality of the great Gnostic age of Basilides and Valentinus.

Man is a mirror in which one can discover the lacarirere and condensed image of the sky, a living universe carrying within him, in his body and in his psyche, fires and dark shores, zones of shadows and of light.