About Jaap Sahib: Jaap is the bani (set of hymns) uttered by Guru Gobind Singh ji, the Tenth Sikh Guru. It is the first bani recorded on Shri. In Gurmukhi (Punjabi). Visit our library at :// sikh_library/ Identifier JaapSahibSteek-. Jaap Sahib translation in English-Punjabi dictionary.

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The language of Jaap, is close to classical with words and compounds drawn from SanskritBrij BhashaArabic and Urdu. The glories sung by Guru Sahib revolve around the following attributes of Japa.

Outline of Sikhism Sikhism portal.

Jaap Sahib or Japu Sahib is the translatkon prayer of the Sikhs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

All faiths are rivers and are destined to merge into one great “Ocean – the lord, the light”; whatever you may call, transltaion, believe or perceive. The contents of Jaap Sahib, are divided into various Chhands bearing the name of the related meter according to the then prevalent system of prosody in India. Sikhism history beliefs Sikh. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Jaap Sahib – Wikipedia

This section needs expansion. The Jaap Sahib is a recitation and praise of God. There is only one sole religion of humans – humanity, and the worldly path that we choose to understand the natural power, our source, source of creation – is called faith only.

Jaap is a Sanskrit word swhib means “to utter in a low voice, whisper, mutter especially prayers or incantations ; to invoke or call upon in a low voice.

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Jaap Sahib Gurmukhi-German – translated by Sat Hari Singh

Understand the fact that god has no name but is called by various names by devotees based on their experience and the blessings they have obtained from him. The Jaap Sahib is, like Japji Sahib, a praise of God as the unchanging, loving, unborn, ultimate power.


Views Read Edit View history. Jaap Sahib is made up tdanslation verses and is the first Bani of the Dasam Granth p. Jaap is a Sanskrit word meaning “to utter in a low voice, whisper, mutter especially prayers or incantations ; to invoke or call upon in a low voice”.

Sahiv of a series on. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat It basically helps reader do a daily Greetings to Waheguru in verses, just like we do hello to each other. It includes various names of God in various languages.