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Using a StreamSource F. The ServiceBinding Interface The specifications Criteria The service-impl-bean Element Navigating a Node Tree monson-haefeel The Generated Stub What Doesn’t This Book Cover? The Node Type The RegistryObject Interface Handler Chains and Order of Processing The port-component-ref Element Faults and Java Exceptions The ClassificationScheme Interface The findCallerAssociations Method Obtaining a ConnectionFactory The Thomas Register Identification System 6.


The LocalizedString Interface Other Messaging Modes 4. A Simple Example G. The findOrganizations Method Building a DOM Document.

The bindingTemplate Structure 6. Are Web Services Important?

WS-I Conformance Claims 6. Enterprise JavaBeans Endpoints 9.


Other ContentHandler Methods Developers will find this book to u2ee a very valuable reference. The Message-Driven Bean Deploying EJB Endpoints If you’re a Java developer, you need this book. The handler-name Element Using the Life-Cycle Methods init and destroy It promises to promote interoperability among disparate applications; i. The ExternalLink Information Object Other Features of Arrays D.

Processing XML Documents 2. Web services are revolutionizing the way enterprises conduct business, as they allow disparate applications to communicate and exchange business data.