Iron Crotch. Rarest Qigong on Earth! Iron Crotch is the most talked about ancient Chinese practice! Called Jiu Jiu Shen Gong (99 Power Qi Gong. This ancient. Yang says what improved his health was “iron crotch” qigong, which he studied after meeting the practice’s founder, Tu Jin-sheng. Iron Penis (i.e. Iron Crotch) is an extreme form of kung fu training. Only the baddest-assed motherfuckers can endure the demands of Iron Penis Qigong. Master.

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In addition to the function of advancing sex, this Iron Penis Crotch also helps strengthen and keep the male hormone —which thus also contributes to protein synthesis, supply energy, resist fatigue, prevent con-senescence, tone up physical force, strengthen immunity, and beautify skin. A year earlier, his year-old student Huang Tian-Yu made the news by putting his manhood on the line.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He told me he was asked once by a group of very wealthy Taiwanese businessmen to teach them the “Tie Dang Gong” so they can use it to deflower more virgins to reverse the aging process. Push downwards to the pubic bone, concentrating on the sensation.

After I practiced martial arts, I became very tough. Ten years ago, his limbs started to swell and become sore after working and he was not able to find any medicine that could relieve his pain. He said that he did not know the method himself but he was told that once the technique has been mastered, it would make a man invincible both in bed and in the battle field.

Zhu er bu jian, jian er bu jiu — trouble maintaining an erection once you have it 4. So, according to the Daoists, if a man can control his ejaculation and if the testicles are strong, then the man’s body is also strong. Initially, do the above exercises to times per day prior to proceeding with the following more advanced techniques. Qigong practitioner lifts kg lbs!!!!!??? I held my breath and went up to the woman standing behind the counter and asked “who is this man and where can I find him?


In the autobiographical book American Shaolin, Matthew Polly describes an account where he observed a master do this iron crotch exercise:. Iroh showed his friends the results of qiong daily practice. It’s called Shaolin Kidney-strengthening Exercise, which is more accessible, and has been taken as a smooth prerequisite of the Iron Crotch Iron penis, balls, or Penis qikong.

Twist to the left and right.

Chan Tze-Tan, Master of Iron Crotch Qigong

By Gene Ching Last year in late October, an unbelievable qigong stunt caught the crrotch attention. By skydogFebruary 28, in General Discussion. Kidney Massage Stand erect, with loose fists. Gently twist them to the left and right 50 times. With just a half-hour to an hour of practice a day, Master Tu promises quick results. For impotence, ED, or inability to maintain an erection this sequence was traditionally done for days without engaging in ejaculation.

Repeat on the other side. When Tu puts this in modern scientific terms, he defines the external method as cultivation of the penis while the internal method irob on increasing hormone production.

Master Tu says “Of course! Email required Address never made public.

Iron penis – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Sir please tell some routine. I see possibly a new market niche: Hen rongyi shengqi — easily angered Kidney yin not anchoring liver yang Since then, I have been looking for someone who could show me how to do it, without much success. Please skip ahead to 8: Qogong should feel a slight aching and distention. The second part deals with special meditation techniques and massage aigong the genitals for preparation of weight lifting.

If you had an experienced instructor it’d be different, but without one, I think the risk is higher then the potential gain. Generally, the penis is not a suitable topic for polite society. Grasp and slightly elevate the root of the penis with the thumb and index finger of your right hand.


Increasing testosterone levels the natural way braineggs. From the perspective of Western medicine it is unclear what this does.

Iron Crotch Qi Gong for Male Sexual Health

Just as a weight-lifter would take vitamin supplements to build up his body, Master Chan drinks herbal wine, which he has made himself, daily to compensate for his energy loss. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I would also be curious to know exactly what their training cotch are? Penis training is often ridiculed in the martial artsperhaps out of envy, perhaps because it ifon so absurd. I mean, I am pretty curious about if and how a guy can actually lift lbs strapped to his junk??

Chan Tze-Tan, Master of Iron Crotch Qigong

Men with prostatitis should in fact ejaculate daily, regardless of having a partner since it flushes out the spongy tissue of the prostate. How to train iron crotch So how do you make those avocados more resilient?

I have descriptions of it in an accompanying article at: You should NOT feel pain, but rather some aching distention. In Daoist Nei-dan Internal Alchemy Qigong, the aim is to cultivate the jing to nourish the qi, cultivate the qi to nourish the shen spirit and cultivate the shen to return to the original void. Stand, feet shoulder width apart. Penis training is often ridiculed in the martial arts, perhaps out of envy, perhaps because it seems so absurd.