Ipuwer Papyrus In the early 19th Century a papyrus, dating from the end of the Middle Kingdom, was found in Egypt. It was taken to the Leiden Museum in. A. Sutherland – – Ipuwer, an ancient Egyptian sage was the author of a hieratic manuscript known as “Ipuwer Papyrus” (or. But to conclude from such parallelisms that the Ipuwer Papyrus describes Egypt at the time of the Exodus, requires a leap of faith not everybody is willing to.

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Neither the beginning nor end of this work was preserved, leaving historians with difficulty in interpreting the material and reaching a final conclusion about the events it describes. Written in a single papyrus, the Admonitions of Ipuwer, catalogue name Papyrus Leiden is a poetic composition believed to have been written during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom era, a period corresponding to BC – BC. The origin of acquisition regarding this document is obscure.

It was in possession of the Greek diplomat and merchant Yianni Anastasiou who claimed that the papyrus was discovered at Memphis, in the Saqqara region.

The papyrus is fully inscribed from beginning to end on both sides. It consists of 17 complete and incomplete columns of ipuder. The back of the papyrus contains hymns to the god Amun but it suffered substantially more damage, causing a larger detrimental effect on its preservation and, therefore, loosing much of its papyruw content.

Depiction of Amun in a relief at Karnak Public Domain. The Ipuwer papyrus is famous among Egyptologists, who have known about its existence for a long time, but many were discouraged to engage in further studies of this document due to its complicated language, damaged conditions, and many missing pieces which were crucial to its complete comprehension.

Although this papyrus was brought out of its hidden place init was not until that Alan Gardiner challenged the document and began studying its content. The nature of the message in the Ipuwer papyrus depicts violence and chaos in Egypt. Lange, evidence does validate the idea that the Ipuwer papyrus was written during the Middle Kingdom, as the language i;uwer and vocabulary corresponds to those used during that era. Lange says that there are indications that the manuscript was copied from an older version, perhaps dating from the beginning of the 18th Dynasty circa BC to BC.

Papyus are unfilled spaces which probably illustrates that it was piuwer or illegible in the original copied document. Many upuwer support the theory proposed by Dr. Lange, who believes the Ipuwer papyrus contains prophetic utterances of an Egyptian seer, as Alan Gardiner relates:. These speeches, in the opinion of Dr. Lange, are ipuewr in character; an era of disasters is predicted for Egypt, and is even now, as one passage declares, at hand; and it is the king himself who is responsible for the calamities the bitterness of which he is soon to taste in full measure.

Lange, who maintains that it lacks prophetic evidence in its text.

On the other hand, a controversial, yet intriguing, interpretation of this text was proposed by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky who brought up a theory that the Ipuwer papyrus is a source of evidence for the events of the Exodus, from the Old Testament. Blood is everywhere…The ipywer is ipuwdr, columns and walls are consumed by fire….


Literary analyses would put the original, of which the Leiden papyrus is a copy, at some time during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom and the very beginning of the turbulent Hyksos period. The two periods in which this might be possible are the dark age that separated the sixth from the eleventh dynasty, and the other is the Hyksos period.

Gardiner inclines towards the theory of the invasion of Hyksos to explain the events in which this papyrus alludes. Although the Ipuwer pa;yrus has unquestionable historical papyru, it could be a mistake to assume that its composition was contemporary with the events to which they suggest.

Whether this document relates to prophetic messages, describes the events of the Exodus, or it is simply a text containing mixtures of historical and fictional elements it remains a mystery that historians might never be able to answer.

Marina has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, focused on ancient human evolution and archaeology. She did a post graduate year of studies in Ipwer History and discovered, among papyrue things, that her passion belongs to the ancient world. It may certainly be evidenve of calamaties and disasters in Egypt at this time but it does not evidence the claims of the bible, nor of the exostence of any Hebrew people. The only people kicked out of EGypt were the Hyksos.

Debunking “The Exodus Decoded”

And they were run out because thay had debased the Egyptian society. Iuwer were thieves and criminals. The bible, both OT and NT were written by the same group of people.

You seem to have very definite opinions based on other shakey opinions you present as facts. But then, there are really very few facts to work with on this subject – just interpretations of writings that we don’t really understand. The civil war was over religion: The Age of Taurus was over and the Age of Ares had begun, but the established priesthood didn’t want to change over. The Hyksos were the champions of the new age, and were twice expelled from Egypt, settling in Jerusalem, where they styled themselves as poor shepherds, rather than wealthy kings.

Ralph Ellis documents this history quite well. He also reveals that the Hyksos Pharaohs were the Hebrew Patriarchs. Osiris, you go from discounting the Exodus to the birth of the Messiah in one breath, as though any proof or chance of the existence of one will prove the other, and your biblical minimalist construct comes to a crashing end.

It’s important to keep an open mind with something like the movement of Asiatics out of Egypt, albeit at a different period. Have you encountered the works of authors and Egyptologists around the so called ‘New Chronology’? Register to become part of our active community, get updates, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of our member point system OR just post your comment below as a Guest.

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Skip to main content. The Papyrus Written in a single papyrus, the Admonitions of Ipuwer, catalogue name Papyrus Leiden is a poetic composition believed to have been written during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom era, a period papyru to BC – BC. Comments osiris wrote on 6 November, – Meldreth wrote on 6 November, – Edward Hanson wrote on 15 November, – Stuart McLaren wrote on 15 November, – Michael Organ wrote on 25 March, – You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form.


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Does the Ipuwer Papyrus Provide Evidence for the Events of the Exodus? | Ancient Origins

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With mirror writing on both sides, it has puzzled generations of researchers. A research team from the University of Basel has now An enormous wealth of knowledge locked within hundreds of ancient papyrus scrolls scorched by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, may now be revealed thanks to new technology which may enable Back in BC, a man named Paneb was accused of corruption and sexual assault and those charges likely cost him his job.

His crimes were recorded on an ancient Egyptian papyrus and have been known What is the universe? Where did it come from? Does it still exist when we die?

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