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Bota is a small town near the Perak River in PerakMalaysia. It is under the administration of the Perak Tengah district. It comprises two geographical areas: There is a river terrapin breeding centre at Bota Kanan.

Bota is also well known for its durian fruit. The town has over fifteen mosques. Based on the locals belief, the name was taken from a kind of giant “ogre” that exists here. Bota will come out of its hiding place at certain time. Most of his time is spent underground ikrdache are rarely seen by humans.


According to old folks in this area, the body of Bota resembles a earthy colour itself mainly muddy, and commonly lurks around yellow bamboo grove on the banks and on the edge of a paddy field where fish perch.

They find food commonly in the soil and will occasionally forage in the form of human or animal flesh. Humans and animals are not his favorite food because they only come out occasionally, especially at dusk. It is also partner in the Nabucco Pipeline project. Create your page here.

Jordache Bota

Tuesday, 01 January Location Chat Lordache Jobs Work online from anywhere in the world. Please tell us which country and city you’d like to see the weather in. History Name Origin Based on the locals belief, the name was taken from a kind of giant “ogre” that exists iordaache.

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