· If-we-hold-together-guitarxpng .. · 3. ince, and her father played music on guitar and spoons. Ánh Tuyết Bảo Chấn reached notable fame with a song titled “Tình Thôi Xót Xa”. Nu Hong Ho Hung Chords by Lam Truong with guitar chords and tabs. D C#m Nu hong thu may duoi buoc chan em di qua F#m D Cuoc tinh thu may den buoc em tren san ga G Bm G A De dau yeu kia phoi pha danh thoi tu nay cach xa . Katy Katy Chords, Tinh Thoi Xot Xa Chords, Mai Mai Chords, Co Don Chords, Nu.

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Unlike the hoochies on Paris By Nightshe still appeared hot and sexy without bearing her skins. The best part was that she was being herself out there and trying to have fun.

Trish is a cute girl but she needs some drama in her life to spice up her music and lyrics. That kind of intro degrades the value of the song greatly.

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Once again, my appreciate goes to Hoang for sharing with me this invaluable piece of music. While there are many young new faces stepping on the scene, time and time again, I have to come back to Ngoc Lan, especially Tinh Ganfor that closure love she gave us.


First of all, I would like to thank Hoanga Visualgui. As for her music and dance, there are nothing new.

Basically, what Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Thuy Nga production said is that who do you [consumers] think you are? What even worse is that Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen just stands there with the smirk on her fake face and notting her head to everything Nguyen Ngoc Ngan said.

Although there were flaws in some of the words, her English improved thoo. The media needs to back off My Tam. Trish stated in one of her interviews that she wants to sing for the kids yet her performance filled with half naked dancers. Choreographically, My Tam has a great stage charisma. Vocally, My Tam did a fantastic job and she was able to perform 18 plus songs without a short of breath.

She needs to reinvent herself and grow out of that tiresome style if she wants to be appreciated by the older listeners. I highly encourage My Tam to keep on writing. Before even purchasing the album, I was debating whether to get it or not since I could predict it is an uneven album. When putting Jay-Z and R.

Pairing up a skillful performer with a guy who has no rhythm is a big mistake. She looked elegant whether xor a sophisticated evening gown or simple jeans and shirt.

Tình thôi xót xa

Thuy Nga production kick you in your nuts with statements similar to above than turn around kiss your ass with the begging of buying their original products. As I have stated, this is truly a perfect album with beautiful lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and outstanding production. For instance, the digital background improved tremendously from the previous show.


In addition, the live orchestra added an exquisite experience to the show. Even though My Nhan Ngu is not a perfect album, it is still enjoyable. Bad joke, I know. She did everything she could and gave one of the best live concerts ever made in Vietnam.

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Cause a lot of them are … [dummy face]. For example, Asia entertainment constantly seek out new ideas for their videos. Thuan Yen must be exceedingly proud to have a daughter who can express his music gorgeously.

I am sure many parents will appreciate that. She got hype and wild as she pleased and the crowd loved it and I surely adored it.

When I say perfection, I mean nothing less than exceptional — definitely no fillers — on the album. I want to congratulate the successful individuals who featured on the show. My Tam definitely has a fine taste in style.

I guess Tuan Ngoc is switching his style on this one.