Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe. I first became friends with Andrea Dworkin in There can be no doubt that the feminist fight against men’s sexual, domestic and cultural. INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition .

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How excitable we all were back then,’ or, alternatively, to recognise the phrase, ‘Well, nothing has really changed’ forming on your lips as you read, head slowly shaking from side to side. Instead I found an extraordinary piece of writing that will echo through my head for some time to come – as a dark, apocalyptic vision of hyper-gendered sexuality that appalls and disturbs to the core, even as Ny struggle to reject it.

Andrea Dworkin does the opposite of shy away; she tackles sex head on, calling out how sexism affects sex to the detriment of many women. Feb 28, Ben rated it it was amazing. Sexual intercourse is likened to being “Skinless” where men and women merge and lose boundaries to become one flesh- male flesh.

INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin

It’s not every person’s feminism, I don’t even agree with many of her points personally, but it’s a voice that needs to be heard and respected, if nothing else, for its outright disgust with man-pleasing. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to think deeply about patriarchy and violence against women with the proviso that she uses pretty rough language.

Dissenters ans those interested in upholding patriarchal society have woven quite a contemptuous picture of Dworkin- take intercougse look at the Dworkin Lie Intercoursd Intercourse is the book I recommend to friends who are interested in true liberation, not this hugh hefner equality crap that people seem to be stuck on. Yet this does not mean that gaining access to sex is the same thing as gaining power. Intercourse inetrcourse also been understood as a form of possession.


Dworkin describes fucking as an social institution which perpetuates and protects patriarchy through asserting male ownership over women male virility and female inferiority ddorkin, and by regulating through punishment who can fuck who and how the chapter on Law has a detailed explication of sodomy laws and prohibitions of homosexuality.

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While at times, the author’s passion carries the argument past what can be supported by the given text, Dworkin’s writing identifies her as definitely one of her generation’s greatest intellects. You expect either to find yourself thinking, ‘My, this is a bit dated.

Intense in the extreme, it was well worth my time. It becomes more of a puzzle that this did not make it to the book given that the first edition was written ina time when the lesbian movement has already been around for a little less than twenty years in the USA.

Restraint is a key to power

Isn’t the pleasure derived from their power and the inferior, subhuman status of women? I loved her style, though; blatant, angry, and poetic all at the same time. In terms of her analysis of literary figures, I had already been doing this, albeit far less exactly, in reflecting on books I read many years ago. Garbage in, garbage out. In Intercourse I decided to approach the subject as a social practice, material reality. This view derives from a belief that intercourse is not an occupation or a violation of integrity because it is natural.

Can non-penile female-to-female penetration be considered intercourse?

Paperback of the week: Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin | Books | The Observer

For Dworkin the question to problematise is the possibility or impossibility for a physically occupied people to be free. What she is arguing is that in our present society, the notion of heterosexual andrex is so fully intertwined with patriarchal fantasies of domination, invasion, and conquest that we can scarcely imagine sex between men and women without it; if it seems like she’s saying all sex is rape, that’s only because she’s asking us to imagine a different kind of sex entirely something this book’s fiercest critics seem to be incapable, or unwilling, of doing.


But it talks about the act of intercourse with a truth that you will not find anywhere else encompassing many, many topics and deep analysis. It is necessary to be passionate because Dworkin argues against the denial of women’s existence.

It is sadly the case that many feminists today are too scared to upset the applecart. There were also some moments it seemed the creepiness of these authors has infiltrated her own perspective. I read this with the intention to learn more about her view on the subject, expecting a critical analysis of a violent society, and instead I mostly just get a useless tirade against a particular act of violence, with her vague beliefs supported by a few disgusting books written by creepy men.

It is disturbing light, and she makes no excuse for casting ihtercourse. Highly recommended reading for people – feminists and otherwise. This is not a lecture, the book is an opportunity for you to look at the act of intercourse in a different way; for you to question the world and yourself.

We become female; occupied…The pleasure of submission does not and cannot change…the fact, the cost, the indignity, of inferiority. I think it’s a great lesson for men to submit! It calls for both men and women to have the freedom to be fully human.

To make her intercoutse. Books by Andrea Dworkin. You expect a book to suck, it’s probably gonna suck until you change your attitude.