Inspiration and Incarnation has ratings and 96 reviews. Adam said: To my great surprise, I found myself liking this book very much. Peter Enns was th. John Frame has just posted on his web page a word review of Peter Enns’s Inspiration and Incarnation. I always enjoy reading Frame’s. This study from Peter Enns is an important reconsideration of evangelical perspectives on scriptural authority, particularly in light of recent Old Testament.

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Christians are bound to receive the Bible as God’s Word ihspiration on the authority of Christ, not because they can prove it such by independent enquiry, but because as disciples they trust their divine Teacher.

As a result, Isaiah 11 is often used in reference to Christ. I probably will never read this book, but I wanted to leave this review by William Evans here. Maybe we should also wait for a longer review. Making such a comparison ans readers to avoid certain heresies that either downplay the humanity of Scripture or overemphasize its divine nature.

Conclusion I enjoyed the book and the sections on the law, the history, and proverbs were fantastic. Nearly fifty years ago in ‘Fundamentalism’ and the Word of God J. The author says that what happened is they knew Jesus had died incaarnation risen from the dead, so they reinterpreted the Old Testament to fit into what they knew to be true, even if it meant taking things out of context.

Yet what makes for uniqueness?

Many interesting and relevant points and questions are raised; however, many times he prefers to simply state his conclusions, with only a minimal level of argumentation. A given text cannot affirm or deny any more than that given test affirms or denies. Account Options Sign in.


Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by Peter Enns

One inherent self-contradiction in this approach seems to be that he has asked us to set aside our doctrinal conceptions about scripture incarnaation encounter scripture on its own terms Yet he seems to permit the reading in of our doctrine of the person and work of Christ into both how scripture works and how it is to be interpreted. A book about the identity and purpose of the Bible must be of interest to any serious Christian.

Skip to main content. OT history is not untrue because it is not objective Some may find that Enns does not offer enough in incarnwtion of “solution” or “conclusion” regarding these matters. In the end, his ‘incarnational paradigm’ is of little interest to me.

Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns

God, then, does not profess to answer inspitation Scripture all the incranation that we, in our boundless curiosity, would like to ask about Scripture. Basic Issues Regentwill provide the reader with further clarity on issues of revelation. The author seems to be saying that many of these issues go away if you approach the Bible from the perspective of being both divine and human, of God speaking to people in ways that are meaningful to them, including literary styles and hermeneutics.

To be able to confess that the Bible is God’s Word is the gift of faith’. But having in mind the diverse phenomena of Scripture is nothing incarnatioon.

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

Finally, Enns believes there are inconsistencies in the moral law in the Old Testament It’s a conversation that began in earnest in the 19th Century among evangelicals, but was quickly terminated by the Fundamentalist movement and is only now being taken up again.

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According to the argument presented nicarnation Inspiration and Incarnation our interpretation of Christ, orthodox or otherwise, is subject to the partiality and provisionality that afflicts all our interpretations of Scripture.

The human element means that writers reflect their cultural context and should be judged by its rather than our own standards. This is a controversial view which is hardly proven, and in my opinion creates more tension than is actually there.

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament – Reformation21

In short, his argument goes: Enns looks at three questions raised by biblical scholars that seem to threaten traditional views of Scripture. It is supported only by its readers and gracious Christians like you.

Peter Enns – Grand Rapids: If the reader is familiar with John Frame’s works, then Enns’ interpretation of Proverbs and Torah in a situational perspective will sound old-hat. Indeed, they seem to be a cover for a neo-Barthian view which denies the historic orthodox view that the Bible is the infallible and inerrant written Word of God.

Finally, other evangelical scholars have offered alternative interpretations without jettisoning an objective hermeneutic to do so See D. Genesis was not recorded until first millennium B. This is why every generation of Christians in every cultural context must seek wnd see how God is speaking to them in and though Scripture.