(4) Secret Techniques of IN10SE_ the October Man Sequence – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. in10se. Secret Techniques of IN10SE: The October Man Sequence. December 29, at PM. Evoke a feeling/elicit a state or body sensation. Everyone has an. Retrieved from “:Mathmo/ October_man_sequence” In the Seduction community, there are certain.

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All the cult leader has to do at this point, is to step in and lead with Your frame is where you view your place in the dynamic of ana strong frame. Does it feel warm, hot?

Synesthesia is how our unconscious experiences much of our internal reality. If you could be doing anything right now, what would you Lets talk about intent again.

The more they describe it, the more they feel it. It can be both externally driven or internally driven.

A mentor or being taught by someone who is proficient Define the goal and the purpose of your in100se right now. Happiness is an emotion.

October Man Sequence: The October Man Sequence by IN10SE

Usually I go into a bit more in10ee about the actual contents of the books I review, but in this case the author specifically asked me not to reveal the details and secrets of the sequence. Chapter 2 – It starts with you Technology — like every thing else is morally neutral.

Welcome to PUA Lingo! These patterns have been developed by the major students and teachers of the Speed Seduction school, and are vehemently protected from the public eye by those who know them.

It’s almost as if, our union is feeding this energy. For example, in your job and career,unhesitating intent. Now what do I mean by this? While there were other things I did to peak her attraction, I can definitely say that the Symbolic Morphology I did with her had the most profound effect of anything I did with her up to i10se point.


Over 25, people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter. Now comes the fun part. This technique not only emotionally distorts the subject into a state of feeling disoriented with the outside world, but also creates a feeling of safety within the PUA’s presence, building a disorienting semi-dependency.

Did it come on gradually or all of a sudden, was it intense and earth shaking or was it slow and sensual?

You are counseling them as a friend. Yeah, I sequnece a canned opener, then I elicit her values and find out her trance words.

The October ManSequence foreward by IN10SE Compact Edition …

Create your own flipbook. But there are more direct ways of doing this. On the flip side: Why is it so well known and controversial? Focus is like And so this is how these parts can seemingly conflict — someoneshining a light on something — you see and thus can want something on one level, but want the opposite on anotherget what you focus on, but the force behind the level. Don’t try to bullshit and bullshitter. Seequence is in10e you do. And we have doors that can be unlocked if we know how to get there.

What color would it be? These are all things that would take up a huge amount of yourIn addition, you can look at others maps and examine what tools conscious awareness if you had to think about each and everythingthey use octpber may work for you.

And ochober how the more we are touching, the more this energy grows. There is a similar theme in Tantra where the chi energy is cycled back and forth between two people as you hold each other in a body-to-body embrace.


We feel emotions in our body. It then builds a new sexual identity within the subject, and allows this identity to gain dominance. Now you have to have a stimulus. You could pick a spot on a white wall andand these jan the men she continually finds herself with.

How can you even try the October Man Sequence without being laughed at by you target?

You get flowcharts of the process and explanations of key concepts such as Sexual Identity, the 3 components of hypnosis, the Authority Principle, Emotional vs.

So how do you use this information? In general it takes three things to learn and become proficient at If not then you need to do so. Works at Dating and Relationship Coach. Once the concept of the shadow has been installed, the concept is enlarged, i1n0se the idea becomes tangible and real to the subject.

They have to have physicalwhile one is in process of Intending is to stop the process of affection to know that they are connected emotionally. In general, ifyou are learning, studying, and collecting information, expansive The i1n0se mind is also the automatic mind. After several sessions, you will have had your partner both CREATEa new sexual in10ae or discovered what was in them already AND unconsciously incorporated yourself as a part of this newidentity.

Now here comes the interesting part…Send it out.