Translated by Takashi Kojima. The Testimony of a Woodcutter Questioned by a High Police Commissioner. Yes, sir. Certainly, it was I who found the body. The In a Grove Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. IN A GROVE (Yabo no naka) Source for information on In a Grove (Yabo no Naka ) by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary.

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Akutagawa’s “detective story” investigates characters and their responsibilities, but the crime can neither be solved nor left unsolved without the reader’s revealing both his assumptions about human nature and his own character as surely as the characters have revealed theirs. Articles that may contain original research from October All articles that may contain original research Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles that may contain original research from November Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Who really killed the samurai?

In frove end, it’s still not clear what the truth is, given that all three have different things to defend and hide. The murderer can be him or her. Another excuse to justify their actions.

In this part, the author indirectly characterizes Takehiko. Ryunosuke Akutagawa ‘s “In a Grove” “Yabo no naka”; is one of the great underappreciated classics of akutgawa literature. The second main character, Masago betrays her husband, Takehiko. And as you go on reading along, your former belief of what really happened would be contradicted by another person’s account A criminal is among the seven people in the story, but the murderer is hard to pin-point at.


In a Grove

We are then given the accounts of the thief Tajomaru, the woman, and the man who has been killed through a medium all of whom remember the events slightly differently, and all of whom are willing to take responsibility for the death themselves.

The man was carrying a sword, a bow and a black quiver. Also, he portrays the high self-respecting nature of humanity by having Takehiko to lie and rationalize that he commits an honorable suicide. Each confession restores self-esteem and control over fate to the speaker. Aug 12, Ammara Abid rated it really liked it. In the meantime, may I once more alutagawa my disgruntled irritation that GR doesn’t allow for half-stars, in which case I could have slipped out of my predicament by giving this 4 and a half stars.

The next account is delivered by a traveling Buddhist priest. There are no pretty ribbons tied up perfectly to make happy ending. The translation also came across as a lot more el This story is contained in one or two of the anthologies of Akutagawa’s short stories.

Akutagawa’s characters reveal that human truths are akutagaws only partial and self-seeking but also incommensurable, and the story puts the murder itself in doubt. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Look for a summary or analysis of this Story. Jun 27, Isaiah S. However, it just seems like she wants to kill him, and trying to commit suicide after killing him is just an excuse. The wife said, “Kill him,” and the robber akutafawa so, stabbing the man bound to the tree, perhaps cutting through the rope at the same time.

Each section simultaneously clarifies and obfuscates what the reader knows about the murder, eventually creating a complex and contradictory vision of events that brings into question humanity’s ability or willingness to perceive and transmit objective truth.


Ryunlsuke in a short story of about thirty pages. Feb 28, kohey rated it it was amazing. She begs the police to find her daughter. About meters off the Yamashina stage road. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She later came back, wept, and then fled again. True, no blood flows, the man is still alive, but you’ve killed him all the same.

In a Grove by Ryƫnosuke Akutagawa

I like this story because the reader has no idea what the truth is and will never One event. Then Tajomaru must be the murderer. The testimonies culminate in Tajomaru’s confession. In order to rape Akutwgawa unhindered, he separated the couple, luring Takehiro into the woods with the promise of buried treasure. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

These three are relatively straightforward accounts and set the scene and major players of the crime. At one level the motives are clear.

As each witness speaks in the grlve monologues invented by Browning, each reveals his own character, limitations, and desires.

All akutagxwa main characters changed their statements for an advantage. Contrary to what some foreign-language versions of the story may imply, Masago does not confess to the police. Why does he lie that he killed himself, not just say who is the criminal? The story of “In a Grove” is simple. Hearing this, Masago fled into the forest.