Yes Ims simcat are very close to the level of difficulty of cat itself and give a good overview of the exam. Moreover aimcat are renown for their difficulty level so. Most CAT-aspirants would agree that taking Mock tests (SimCATs in IMS parlance) is a very crucial aspect of preparing for the CAT, however. Hi everyone! Thanks a bunch for the awesome response to the first two IMS SimCATs! Now, you can also be a part of the SimCAT. You have a chance to take .

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IMS makes no representations or warranties with simcars to such third-party transactions, communications or other dealings. Hi Ashwani — the mantra is to maximise your score. However, I would place my bets on 90 to 20 questions and a mark paper. To avail either of the waiver, please write us back on ims imsindia. Do not think too much about the selection criteria of IIMs — they may change from year to year.

But should have ideally avoided or kept for later? You are commenting using your WordPress. Further, each test needs to be analyzed wellhence along with Score card, Roll of Honour, IMS shall also offer Detailed Performance Analysis based jms below parameters:.

The most important aspect of my preparation was taking and analysing mock tests. While there is obviously a difference between the approach of successful candidates and those who do not perform well at the CAT, you would be surprised to find that even successful test-takers would have different stories to tell about their test-taking approach and strategy while preparing skmcats the CAT.

Focus on accuracy and not just on speed. Believe in yourself and take the CAT. For every test that you take, you will now be able to classify the questions in the following grid: These are mostly students who take a test, check their scores, imw dejected or frustrated by what they achieve in a test, mull over the scores for some time and then proceed to take the next test.

Their test series was comprehensive, challenging and cohesive. I am sure you will find questions that you can solve correctly. They had mocks of varying difficulty levels, which helped to test different test-taking skills.


In this area, IMS is unparalleled. I am a bsc biotech student. They then wonder why their scores are not improving consistently, blame the difficulty level of the testscurse their luck and worse still, conclude that CAT is no their cup of tea.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you could guide me with some suggestions it would be great as i want to score very well but have to be realistic also considering when i started preparing.

For areas where you achieve the set benchmarks aim to perform consistently in future tests as well. The tests were well structured and had the perfect range of difficulty.

Your attempts and accuracy at an overall level, sectional level and further down at an area-wise or topic-wise level can therefore be used to measure your progress after every test. But the point is that expectations do not really matter. The analyses provided after every test were especially helpful. Just like looking at the mirror again and again without putting in sufficient effort between mirror visits to improve will not yield positive results, taking too many mock tests without through analysis and follow-up action would also be a useless exercise.

Gagan, just go and try to score to the best of your ability in each of the sections. This is applicable simcqts case of any movement within the imms. Steps to Enrol with IMS. To identify your areas of strength and weaknesses so that you can accordingly plan and fine-tune your test-taking strategy sumcats well as preparation strategy A whole lot of students fail to perform well in the CAT despite taking a plethora of mock tests.

What else colleges I can apply keeping in mind I belong to SC category? The mock GDs and PIs act as practice sessions for the actual ones and the feedback received on making si,cats is what helped me get better. Be prepared to attempt the sections in any order, if the need be.

Relax, stay focused and all the best for tomorrow.

How to analyse Mock CATs: Mock liya…ab karna kya? | IMS VKpedia

It also varies based on the number of seats available and the quality of applicants. And at the end in QA section my brain almost gets jammed that I unable to get desired score which I can get easily as QA is my strongest section. As you solve these questions, you will be able to fill your conceptual gaps, you will get familiarised with the regular question types and you will get the confidence to solve questions from this area in the next SimCAT. Classify the identified questions based on how many of these questions you got right, how many did you skip and how many did you go wrong.


We believe you have checked the program features and decided the course name of your choice. I am willing tu pursue my mba from one of the best iims.

Each of these tests will be administered using test software that closely resembles the actual CAT — so that you feel you are taking the CAT before the CAT exam.

Register for the Test Click here Experience the simulated test platform View your Performance evaluation report. Are you looking for more practice and CAT mock test? So, you score higher when there are more questions from your area of comfort and lower otherwise.

You may create a detailed excel sheet with your performance on the above measurement parameters and track your progress towards the set goals. If you have prepared well, you are prepared for any structure.

In take home simcatx, you score better largely due to the fact that you are under less pressure. Be positive and give it your best shot.


Simcata solve or re-solve each of these identified questions with an objective of finding: At the end of the day it is a relative performance that matters. If a past Student wishes to move and enrol in a different product line the waivers applicable will be different.

It is just an aptitude test.