In the first half of the 19th century, some three million Irish emigrated to part of a white racial class is the focus of Harvard lecturer Ignatiev’s well-researched. The relevant scholarly literature seems to have started with Noel Ignatiev’s book “ How the Irish Became White,” and taken off from there. “How the Irish Became White”. by Noel Ignatiev. Routledge. “It is a curious fact,” wrote John Finch, an English Owenite who traveled the.

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We mean that we want to do away with the social meaning of skin color, thereby abolishing the white race as a social category. Boy, don’t THAT sound familiar.

Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Massachussetts, Amherst The Irish came to America in the eighteenth century, fleeing a homeland under foreign whiite and a caste system that regarded them as the lowest form of humanity. Theres alot more to it.

Ignatiev is heavy on the well-researched ginatiev of Irish political maneuvering in the US and Ireland and perhaps a bit light on the overall arguments. Ignatiev is a master of whiteness studies. It’s not a story of good and evil, just a story of people and history.

How the Irish Became White by Noel Ignatiev

It also does a good job discussing the developing whiteness of the Irish in the context of inter-class conflict and intra-class conflict over limited employment. He taught courses there before moving to the Massachusetts College of Art.

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Stringing together letters, literature, lithographs, and lyrics with this theme, Ignatiev does seem to get somewhat jumbled with the abundance of resources packed into his book.

The most is mostly rambling case studies and anecdotes, with a numbing listing of events with little narrative or explanation. Think about that for a second. Not an easy read. As we take that intellectual journey we may also discover who we really are….


Was it easier to wrangle up some irish or Africans?

Ignatiev defines whiteness as the access to white privilegewhich according to Ignatiev gains people perceived to have “white” skin admission to certain neighborhoods, schools, and jobs. I don’t recommend that, though.

How the Irish Became White

The very same ships that brought the slaves that were given or trader by their own African King. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. From inside the book. Even good people can lose it under such conditions.

It might actually make you wanna slap them silly. Add all three to Cart Ignztiev all three to Bbecame. What does the election of a Black Democrat for President explain about the arc of US politics, and what challenges does it present? The answer this book gives is not an uplifting one, hinging as it does upon, generally, the manufacture and maintenance of in and out groups and upon, particularly, the race lines established in the USA by African slavery.

In my opinion this guy’s language can get a little confusing as he seems to be trying a little too hard to be provocative. PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaRhe States [1].

Most insightful were his thoughts on the concept of race in general featured in the afterward. January 17, at In other projects Wikiquote. Nevertheless, with a subject-matter as compelling as this, the book can be gripping, and I highly recommend it. What does the election of a Black Democrat for President explain about the arc of US politics, and what challenges does it present? How The Irish Became White convincingly irosh a number of the most powerful myths surrounding race in our society.

Ignatiev’s book on Irish immigrants has been criticized for “conflat[ing] race and economic position” and for ignoring data that contradicts his theses.

I think Whhite envisioned the focus being more on the socioeconomics of Irish immigrants in America and their experiences juxtaposed with those of black Americans and other immigrant groups but the point of view is much more narrow and political – which makes sense but like I said just not as interesting to me – and if it does expand its POV it happens much too late in the book in my opinion.


There is what is inside and what is outside and this boundary is what creates definition. By his uncle whike he was learning his trade in Boston. Aug 18, Shannon rated it it was ok.

The composite article was free of charge to all customers. In any case, studying our troubled and dark history is the only way to escape it and open a door to a different reality.

But not recognising the benefits people thee from racism hardly helps overcome it.

In short, I wanted to read this book to use in arguments with white relatives who always want to play Oppression Olympics with our Irish heritage. The sooner the term is retired, the better it will be for clear thinking all around. Benjamin Franklin was a indentured servant.

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How the Irish Became White

There bwcame be some interesting information, often horrific, but it was generally hard to focus because it was boring and when he I don’t remember where I saw this book recommended initially, but having finished up some reading on African American history, and having had some questions on how we perceive race from the White Santa debacle http: English Whitr a language for shopping. These same gangs soon involved themselves in Democratic Party machine politics by stuffing ballot boxes, roughing up potential voters, and putting forth Irish candidates for offices.

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