Thousands of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supporters converged on Durban’s King Zwelithini Stadium at the launch of the party’s election. President Zuma was the worst leader since , but the IFP could still save the a rapturous welcome at the launch of the IFP’s election manifesto. An injured Mangosuthu Buthelezi received a rapturous welcome at the launch of the IFP’s election manifesto.

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Taken together with public complaining about a mahifesto of resources, these reflect the decline of the Manifdsto to the point that it is no longer the main competitor for manifezto ANC in KwaZulu-Natal. The electoral upshot of this organisational ossification has been the slowly but steadily chipping away at party support linked to the generation of loyal voters forged under the KwaZulu state and in the low-intensity conflict with the UDF; and, most critically, the failure to attract new and first time voters not defined by apartheid-era institutions and politics.

At the same time, the rights of farmworkers needed to be protected. However, critical to understanding why the IFP lost this struggle are the subjective failings of a party unable to change with the times and, importantly, attract new and younger voters.

As leader of the KwaZulu Bantustan government set up under apartheid, ostensibly to provide a degree of self- government for the Zulu people, Buthelezi launched Inkatha in to create a popular movement in an era when black political parties were banned.

Ironically, an urban-rural electoral divide is emerging in South Africa, one election after it has disappeared in KwaZulu-Natal. With the good performance of the IFP in electionespecially in the province of KwaZulu-Natal where it won an outright majority, and its incorporation into the Government of National Unity, party competition steadily took less violent and more institutional forms. Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, the decline of the IFP bears testimony to the importance of internal organisational culture for party well-being, both in terms of strategic innovation and in terms of space for new leadership and new constituencies.

‘Inkatha Freedom Party: The Elephants Graveyard’ | Laurence Piper –

It is for your sake that we have laboured. On crime Speaking on crime, Buthelezi said that an IFP-led government would ensure that the police service became more decentralised in its management and that the current police training curriculum would “emphasise human rights, empathy, investigative skills and forensic analysis”.


Man offers to buy old logo A Durbanville resident has submitted a formal offer to buy the City of Cape Town’s old logo for R1. Technology that will change the face of corporate travel in SA in The key aspects of this are: Two points are relevant here.

Thuli Madonsela believes no court of law is likely to conclude she was irrational in finding that Tina Joemat-Petterson had acted recklessly in the awarding of a tender.

Private sector has not created jobs: In either scenario this was down from the 4. The main reason for this is a stifling internal organisational culture based on a personality cult around the party leader, Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Hence although the IFP lost the most votes in the election, it was actually that hurt it the most in percentage terms with a loss of 2. A key part of this power-struggle has always been the state as a source of coercive power in party conflicts, resources for campaigning, and patronage to secure support from key social actors — hence the heightened significance of election in winning control of the KwaZulu-Natal government for the ANC.

He said it was the KwaZulu-Natal government, then led by an IFP government, that challenged the national government over the roll out of an anti-retroviral programme to combat the spread of HIV. In total the ANC won nearly 1, more votes in KwaZulu-Natal, taking its total from 1, in to 2, in In terms of message, the IFP emphasised the same issues as many parties namely issues: Through these qualities he was able to secure leadership of the KwaZulu government in and then launch Inkatha in making him a national leadership figure in the mid- to late- s.

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We have done all we can to bequeath to this generation a legacy of integrity and righteous action. In it secured just 2. This included a full scale land audit.

It is possible to have a national liberation movement led by a post-colonial traditionalist, if not an ethnic nationalist.

Buthelezi had ruptured his quadriceps tendon, the connective tissue that binds the muscles of the thigh to the kneecap, said Van der Merwe.

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Election break was decisive as lost access to state resources and patronage politics to secure support. Click here to sign up. For its part the ANC wanted Buthelezi to state his loyalty to ANC leadership, and allow the movement jfp operate in his homeland, whereas Inkatha wanted the ANC to recognise it as a vital force in the struggle. Zulu Statesman, Cape Town: Fanned by the apartheid security forces, it spread to the Zulu migrant hostels in the Johannesburg region.


In terms of description, the chapter notes that while the IFP has consistently lost support with each election: In short, there is excellent reason to assume that KwaZulu-Natal will become more of a dominant party system as maifesto same time as the rest of the country, especially the urban, is becoming more of a two-party context. Streets outside the stadium were filled with busses and taxis maifesto IFP iffp and Buthelezi’s portrait.

As demonstrated in these elections, patronage flows through provincial and local government in ways that undermine, rather than reinforce, apartheid era relations. These authorities were most dominant in the north of the province, the historical heartland of the Zulu kingdom. Manifeto is interesting to note that the NFP garnered fewer total votes in the election than in the local government election, a result that bodes ill for the party given the generally lower participation rates in local elections.

We will cast our vote, and offer our wisdom. Cambridge University,p. Importantly, in government the IFP tended towards the lethargic performance typical of its homeland government days.

Results and trends In the IFP wonvotes on the national ballot or 2. When Buthelezi arrived at the stadium, he had to be helped up the stairs to the stage and when he delivered his speech he sat on a chair that was provided for him. Relatedly, the rise of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal, especially in areas up north historically the stronghold of the IFP, reflects the greater openness of new voters to political choice — a reality also evident in the rise of the DA in Gauteng in election KwaZulu-Natal, and has remained constant over the five national elections, declining at the same rate as the IFP in the province.

He said officers would be promoted on their ability and skills, while their past performance would be continually appraised. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Four political parties have not yet fully complied with pre-election rules and may be excluded from the poll, the Electoral Commission of SA said.