ICEA S-95-658 PDF

Single- or multiconductor – V – 90ºC – ICEA S Halogen-free (LSZH- HFFR). MH. Applications. Recommended for use in highly populated enclosed. ANSI/NEMA WC ICEA S Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy Published by National. ANSINEMAWC70ICEANonshielded Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy-Applies to materials, constructions.

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The pitch ratio is taken as the quotient resulting from dividing the length of lay of the armor wires by the pitch diameter of the armor wires.

When duct space is not limited, it is desirable not to restrict the overall diameter. The duration of the dc voltage test shall be 5 minutes. Consult the manufacturer for recommendations.

Where an assembly of twisted single conductor cables is subjected to the direct current spark test, the individual conductors shall be similarly tested prior to assembly. Band servings in accordance with 4. Tests on samples shall be made on samples selected at random. Where a conflict exists between the requirements of Section 8, or other ICEA s–95-658, and those of Sections 1 to 7 inclusive, the requirements of specific types shall apply.

The duration d-95-658 the ac voltage test shall be 5 minutes. Jackets for application over metallic coverings are listed in 4.

A jacket is considered sunlight resistant if after hours exposure the tensile and elongation properties retain a minimum of 80 Percent of their original values. The jacket shall meet the requirements stated therein and in Table If all of the samples pass any test specified in this Standard, the quantity of cable they represent shall be considered as meeting the requirements of this Standard with regard to that test.

Galvanized-steel tape ifea without supplemental coverings is suitable for use on cables to be suspended from an aerial messenger strand. In classifying crosslinked s-95-68 and jackets in these standards, the term “rubber” when used alone without further description shall mean synthetic rubber.


Consensus does not necessarily mean that there is unanimous agreement among every person participating in the development of this document. Cables in this category may be applied in situations where the clearing time requirements of the percent level category cannot be met, and yet there is adequate assurance that the faulted section will be de-energized in a time not exceeding 1 hour.

The maximum speed of the cable under test may be determined in either U.

When an interlocked tape or continuously corrugated armor is to be applied, any suitable separator icez may be used over the sheath. The following technical information on typical conductors may be found in Appendix G: See Section 6 4. When metal armor is formed by applying a seamless sheath or tube, the metal shall be aluminum or an aluminum alloy.

Power Cables Rated 2, V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy – NEMA

It is required for direct burial cable. If verification is required for the direct-current resistance measurement made on an entire length of completed cable, a sample at s9-5-658 1 foot 0. Adjacent convolutions of the interlocked armor may separate somewhat but no part of the cable inside the armor is to be visible.

In extreme cases it may be necessary to use a sector-shaped test specimen cut longitudinally from the insulation sample. The messenger shall extend a minimum of 5 feet 1.

Multiple grounding of shields is desirable in order to improve the reliability and safety of the circuit. The specimens shall then be removed from the oil, blotted lightly to remove excess oil, and preconditioned under the following conditions prior to testing for tensile strength and elongation: When an insulated conductor is individually covered with a non-metallic jacket, the insulation resistance shall not be less than 60 percent of that required for the insulation based on the thickness of the insulation.

The thickness of a lead sheath having an overlying jacket of either thermoset or thermoplastic compound shall be in accordance with Table The conductor s in the cable shall be tested to assure continuity when grounded at one or both ends. Drain wires shall be used in conjunction with tapes in which the thickness of the metal is less than or equal to 0. The wire shall have a minimum weight of coating per square foot of uncoated wire surface in accordance with Table Insulation thicknesses are designated in terms of cable insulation levels see 3.


The insulation shall be one of the classes given in Table The calculation for tensile strength shall be based on s-95-685 cross-sectional area of ciea specimen obtained before immersion in oil. Any diameter measurement shall be made on cable samples that contain the conductor.

Flexible conductors are referenced in 2. E-95-658 the overall jacket is applied, each insulated conductor shall be tested against all other conductors connected to ground. Metallic sheath, lead or aluminum. Normal operating voltage between phases or, in direct current, between conductors. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. When intended for installation in a permanently dry indoor abovegrade location, a cable core bedding does not require exposure to saturant compounds.

The fault indicator shall be connected to indicate abnormal current between electrode and ground. Specimens may be immersed in a common bath.

Power Cables Rated 2,000 V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy

The weight to be applied shall be equal to 10 lb 4. These cables may be ciea in applications where installation and service conditions are such that the additional thickness for mechanical protection is not considered necessary for satisfactory operation. The length of combined materials shall be stretched into the clamps of the buffing apparatus so that it lies flat, with the layer to be removed toward the wheel.