So ibanez cf7 singer or instrument, track in track when there has photo way to sleep when there buys However Free(brings something and sound. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Do not use this apparatus near water. 5. Clean only with dry cloth. 6. Do not block. Download IBANEZ CF7 service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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If you can hear em congrats.

So, don’t discard the CM-5 too easy because of it’s looks. This pedal is very rock n roll.

Mankal rate and depth control on this Chorus. Taking that starved plate design a step further. This Ibanez pedal has two effects; chorus and flanger.

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Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. It’s a Poor man’s TS9 having the sound but not the looks. Mostortion MT Someone once called this thing the best Tubescreamer ever.

One contains the effects electronics while the other mabual the control electronics. Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. Although doubtfull this could have been a recased device of which the original metal case was used for another Soundtank That means it’s not some odd tone control that gives something manjal “industrial harshness” to the sound.


There’s several to be found on the web as well. The differing components have the “other” value mentioned in the schematic.

All user reviews for the Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger

I traded a friend for it. For when I test against CF7, I was conquered. Octave OT The one and only attempt ever sold by Ibanez for a octaver pedal. With these service schematics manuals, you can easily find the problem if you have little electronic knowledge. Of the other half of the OTA only the darlington transistor section is used as mankal buffer for the bypass signal. A perfect pedal to the noise in the broad sense of the term.

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All modifications that can be done on the various versions of the tubescreamer can be applied to the TS-5 as well, making it a cheap startoff to experiment with pedal manula. Back to home page.

Our members also liked: For the chorus I find a setting that satisfies me. Since most of the notifications I’ve seen about their existence I tend to believe that till proven different. Some of these, in various cosmetics, have been around for many years. Did not exactly know what to expect of this flanger. While working with panning and other stereo amplitude modulation effects earlier the TL-5 is the only dedicated tremolo ever sold by Ibanez. Even the label wrapped around the pedal is still there.

User reviews: Ibanez CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger – Audiofanzine

I changed it for a H20 I find more friendly and easier to finally set. Similar to the OT10 octaver, the only octaver they ever did or the NB10, the only noise supressor ever done under the Ibanez Flag. This serie consisted of 6 pedals: Prior to the tubestage there’s clear diode clipping through 2 zened diodes.


Taking a look at the circuit design shows that the low end frequency response is slightly boosted. And Yes there is!

I am separated with no regrets. Add to watch list Remove from watch list. It’s not as manial and liquidy as, say, a Boss CE2.

The thing has some beautiful chorus and twiddling the knobs around gets you some crazy modulation effects you’d never expect to coax out of such a harmless looking box. I open them up and, holding the reciept firmly in one hand, I lift the pedal to shoulder’s altitude and drop it. What’s a more logic location to drill a hole than in the middle of the front panel?

Especially pedals like the AF-9 are still more players than collectors and therefore usually make good prices as the audience in the bidding pool is larger. A namechange for the same pedal in the same serie. Write a user review. Clean chorus without the hassle.