The HP A is capable of making highly accurate measurements. In order to .. you should use manual range to get to the lowest range possible for the. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A User Manual. View and Download HP A user manual online. A Multimeter pdf manual download.

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From the front panel, the multimeter will accept a single trigger, a hardware trigger from the Ext Trig maual, or continuously take readings using auto trigger.

HP 34401A Manuals

Quick Start Hp3401a of the first things you will want to do with your multimeter is to become acquainted with its front panel. Status Reporting Commands The multimeter selects the slow, medium default mqnual, or fast ac filter based on the frequency you specify.

To replace a mAT fuse, order HP part number When a stable reading is detected, the multimeter emits a beep and holds the value on the display.

Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations Display Control To speed up your measurement rate, or for security reasons, you may want to turn off the front-panel display. Total man-hours spent on this project around 8 hoursgive or take few. Refer to the cable and adapter diagrams on the following page to connect the multimeter to most computers or terminals.

When the display is turned off, readings are not sent to the display and all display annunciators except and Shift are disabled. HP A Firmware revision 1. This cable has a 9-pin female connector on each end.


The Questionable Data Register DC Undefined header A command was received that is not valid for this multimeter. You can use the following commands to make min-max measurements. Configuring For Highest Accuracy Measurements Crest Factor Errors All multimeters exhibit measurement errors that are crest factor dependent. To increase measurement accuracy and improve noise rejection, select 6 digits.

HP A USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

Calibration was referenced to measurement results of my Keithley which was calibrated in February by Tektronix, and is most accurate meter I currently have up to date. Error Messages Error Messages Errors are retrieved in first-in-first-out order. You may have misspelled the command or it may not be a valid command. You must insert a blank space to separate a parameter from a command keyword. Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Program mnemonic too long A command header was received which contained more than the maximum 12 characters allowed.

SCPI The status system records various instrument conditions in three register groups: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Rejecting Power-line Noise Voltages and their harmonics will average out to approximately zero. Ieee Compliance Information Bench-top viewing positions Carrying position Repair workflow Image 4: Input buffer overflow Output buffer overflow Insufficient memory Manuwl 8 Specifications If you leave the multimeter in the same range for an extended period of time, and the ambient temperature changes significantly or if the multimeter is not fully kanual upthe internal offsets may change.


HP 34401A User Manual

HP A front panel removed, front and rear. Page 16 Remove the line-voltage selector from fuse-holder assembly from the rear panel. Front-panel Display Formats Chapter 3 Features and Functions Math Operations Min—Max Operation The min-max operation stores the minimum and maximum readings during a kanual of measurements.

Front panel board REV. For example, the following command sets the sample count to 10 readings: Chapter 5 Error Messages Error Messages The following steps show you how to enter a number in the menu. The Scpi Status Model Choose from one of the following: Each math mznual performs a mathematical operation on each reading or stores data on a series of readings. There were some cases of input protection resistors in size failure manuap A, but check revealed no problem with input circuitry as well.

Chapter 5 Error Messages True Rms Ac Measurements Make sure Security you have read the security code rules on page 95 before attempting to continued secure the multimeter.

The multimeter is RS configured for even parity hp34401w 7 data bits when shipped from the factory. The questionable data enable register is cleared when: The multimeter clears the value when min-max is turned on, when power has been off, or after a remote interface reset.