Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San : Homeboy: A Novel eBook: Seth Morgan: Kindle Store. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San Francisco strip joint, finds a carat blue diamond that involves him in a murder/blackmail deal and lands him in jail. Seth Morgan, who won acclaim last spring for his first novel, ”Homeboy,” which drew on his experiences in the drug culture of San Francisco.

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An adrenaline-pumped, hallucinogenic descent into the lower depths, Homeboy is a tough, eye-opening look at San Francisco during the AIDS epidemic. Calling ‘Mambo Mephiste’ the definitive Mardi Gras novel makes it sound like there is an established genre of carnival novel which has completely escaped me so far.

In the throes of a cocaine addiction that was bringing him homegoy to death, he was pestered relentlessly by Robert DeNiro to make Raging Bull.

Well, books get me excited. Rings and Things is one of the stand out characters of Seth Morgans only novel.

Seth Morgan (novelist)

The opening page practically fires the reader from a cannon:. The basic story follows the convoluted tale of a small-time barker Joe who accidentally steals a diamond during a robbery.

She worked as a prostitute during their marriage, while Morgan acted as her pimp. He is guilty, ad nauseum, of this prose, a wild poet gone amuk at times]. After his release, he went back to working in strip clubs. I remember the little things, like your voice so tough but pudding underneath and the way the tip of your tongue sticks out when you concentrate on things like tying a shoe or jacking a shot….

According to their autopsies, both had high blood-alcohol levels and significant amounts of cocaine in their systems. Did Seth really have a relationship with Janis Joplin? Morgans–going to prison and living to tell about it long enough to write this novel before he drove his Harley into a bridge in New Orleans. When I read this in my 30’s the writing was so exciting and titillating.


Jul 14, Alex rated it it was amazing. An inveterate lothario, Morgan began a relationship with Janis Joplin after making a delivery to her Marin County home. It’s like Morgan’s singing my tune. Geen idee hoe het einde afloopt, maar halfweg is al duidelijk dat het eerste deel, dat zich grotendeels afspeelt in het Tenderloin District van San Francisco een vreemde mengelmoes van sexclubs, alternatieve cultuur en ghettovorming die ook uitgebreid aan bod kwam in William T.

With his psycho henchmen and his mkrgan allies inside the system, the Fat Man comes close to icing Joe, and leaves lots of decapitated corpses in his wake, but Joe has a few guardian angels in and out of the big house: Want to Read saving…. In it Hmoeboy used several experiences from his own life, including time spent as a barker at strip clubs in San Francisco and 30 months spent ohmeboy jail for armed robbery in the mid s. Als lezer zit het moelijkste werk dan ook erop na die verwarrende openingshoofdstukken.

After a high-priced hooker is killed and one of the world’s biggest diamonds is stolen, Joe Speaker, a strip-joint barker and dope addict, stumbles onto HOMEBOY, Seth Morgan’s stunning novel, is a gritty, ribald, and frenetically lyrical odyssey through the Strip in San Francisco -a netherworld of whores, pimps, dealers, and junkies – to the hell of Coldwater Penitentiary.

Seth Morgan was gone way too soon.

Joplin died before the two could actually tie the knot. I morgah that comin up in Nawlins. After a high-priced hooker is killed and one of the world’s biggest diamonds is stolen, Joe Speaker, a strip-joint barker and dope addict, stumbles onto the missing jewel, is hunted down and put away for the murder.

Jan 28, Guy rated it it was amazing. This novel is a literary tour through the drug alleys and strip clubs of San Francisco’s North Beach and Tenderloin. Mar 23, Henry rated it it was amazing.


On October 17,he wrecked his motorcycle while riding with a. But only a few chapters of the work-in-progress survive, along with a letter to his agent that included the sort of synopsis that only Seth Morgan could write. Homeboy Neglected Authors Seth Morgan. The entire thing shows what a talent Morgan had, and it’s just a pity that Homeboy was his only work ever released.

Hoeft ook niet, doe moeite als lezer. Has a strong feel of a noir comic book, though occasionally the ridiculousness of the humor breaks that down. The underside of New Orleans. As a solution, Joe plans a heist that could provide the financial means to get Rooski out of the steh. While incarcerated in the eeth, Morgan had won the P. I recommend it for those wishing a challenge, with an open mind to human behavior in all its cravings and perversions, but who also like an interesting tale, well told.

Speaker wordt na zowat een derde van het boek gevat en de gevangenis ingestuurd, maar de zoektocht naar het juweel en hem gaat intussen verder. Retrieved from ” https: Hello, if this is your first time here, login with Facebook or create a free account to get started.

HOMEBOY by Seth Morgan | Kirkus Reviews

It’s a journey into a world homdboy most of us will never see, but it’s written so well that you almost want to. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Morgan’s prose incites some weird kind of vertigo I couldn’t recreate if I tried. Feb 14, Scott Mock rated it really liked it. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.