Full text of “The Hildebrandslied” BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY NEW SOBK 1] ‘Vc THE HILDEBRANDSLIED Translated from the OLD HIGH GERMAN. Line of ms.: 1 Verse: 1 Ik gihorta ðat seggen Verse: 2 ðat sih urhettun ænon muo. Line of ms.: 2 tin · Verse: 3 hiltibraht enti haðubrant · untar heriun tuem. TITUS Text collection: Lesser Old High German Monuments Text: Hld.-Vw. Hildebrandlied Diplomatic edition of the text.

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The errors in the Old Saxon features suggest that the scribe responsible for the dialect mixture was not thoroughly familiar with the dialect.


Thou hildegrandslied, old Hun, thy thoughts are deep, Thou speakest alluring words, with the spear it would like thee to wound me. The text consists of 68 lines of alliterative verse, though written continuously with no consistent indication of the verse form.

It is the earliest poetic text in German, and it tells of the tragic encounter in battle between a texg Hildebrand and a son Hadubrand who does not recognize him. H6E5 Hildebrandslied 3 Thus he dasht to death his dearest and nearest, The blood of his blood, the bone of his bone.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The transpositions, apparent lacunaeand unwarranted insertions all indicate a text copied from an earlier manuscript by scribes with only a partial understanding of the poetic form. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more.


Oh no, there’s been an error

Frederick Norman concludes, “The poem presents puzzles alike to palaeographers, linguists and literary historians. The poem tells us of a combat between father and son. The Epoch of Romanticism Get a hildebrandsied of the most beloved and fruitful music period. Some words are hapax legomena unique to the texteven if they sometimes have cognates in other Germanic languages.

It breaks off in mid-line, leaving the poem unfinished at the end of the second page. The hand is mainly Carolingian minuscule.

German Old High German. Attention was first drawn to the codex and the Hildebrandslied by Johann Georg von Eckhartwho published the first edition of the poem in The origin of the Dietrich legend in Northern Italy also suggests a southern origin is more likely. I’ll hew in twain his byrnie with broadsword and with spear, So that he will run to his mother, and rue it for a year.


Fulda also had links with Saxony, evidenced by its missionary activity among the Saxons and the Saxon nobles named in the monastery’s annals. Many years later Dietrich returns with a conquering host, in which is Hildebrand, now an old man. But the poem breaks off in the middle of a line, not revealing the outcome. The Hildebrandslied text is the work of two scribes, of whom the second wrote only seven and a half lines 11 lines of verse at the beginning of the second leaf.


In addition to hidlebrandslied and inconsistencies, there are other features of the text which make it hard to interpret.

In spite of the text’s use of spare space in an existing manuscript, there is evidence that it was prepared with some care: The Old Saxon features predominate in the opening part of hilldebrandslied poem and show a number of errors, which argue against an Old Saxon original. And hear ye, dearest mother, no captive shall he be.

Full text of “The Hildebrandslied”

The text is highly problematic: They regularly occur in groups and indicate excitement. They suggest an Old High German scribe who does not realise that Old High German zzresulting from the High German consonant shiftcorresponds to t in Old Saxon in these words, not tt. Utter me one name and I shall know the rest, for I am wise to the names of all of the tribesmen in the kingdom.

If you notice, verse 8 does not correspond well with the singing, so I just used the original text anyway. Who rubs against old kettles is smircht, as I am told, As it befalls thee, younker, from me a warrior old.

Among the suggestions are: Further damage had been done to this leaf in order to help disguise its origin.