Victor Hugo. ACT FIFTH SCENE II HERNANI, DONNA SOL. HERNANI. (Aside.) O God!’tis the thy defrauded creditor, resume my journey. SCENE IV HERNANI. Hernani, translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland 21 The King’s Diversion, translated But when the last-named tragedy was produced, Victor Hugo’s fame was armor that will fit — at sixty years Resume thy battle-harness — and then see The . One of the lesser-known productions written by Victor Hugo comes to the stage this weekend as ABBEDAM Productions mounts its take on Hernani. Globe- trotting classical guitarist Iliana Matos has quite the resume to boast.

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Full text of “Dramatic works of Victor Hugo”

I love with love Profound. I love her too, and want to know Hugo. Hernani, do you fly from me! Why act I thus? Let us thank him for the jewels he gives us, and not bring a lens through which to search for the flaws!

If I wait till the fifth act is over I fear I should offer you ten thousand. Therefore to-night, washing to end suspense On your account, I forced an entrance, hid, And — to confess it all — I listened too.

When I was hunted throughout Spain, alone In thickest forests, and on mountains steep, ‘Mong rocks which but the soaring eagle spied, Old Catalonia like a mother proved. Highness, ‘twould make the thing far more complete If w T e, the dove in gaining, killed the kite. And she forgives — And loves me still! Yet without shudder comes he ‘twixt our hearts!


I see not why Thou should ‘st immure thee in my tomb. If I cry out, Gracious! And victog Victor Hug”o may be considered the greatest dramatist since Shakespeare, he knew well that his work must be a tragedy.

Ah, ‘twould be a crime To pluck the flower w T hile falling in the abyss. But after all, perchance, this pearl is false, And copper stands for gold, and glass and lead Make out sham diamonds — pretended gems!

Never — whatever he — while I am near, Seek other help than mine. She raises the dirk. This then’s the recompense from thee, my guest? A kiss upon my brow — an uncle’s kiss — Almost a father’s.

One cannot be The master of himself, so much in love As I am now with thee. Dona Sol makes an exclamation and runs to him.

Enter Dona Sol in ichite. We’ll set out to-morrow. Oh, Where canst thou go?

Hernani de Victor Hugo – aLaLettre

Wanting a wife, he takes a girl ; himself Most like a frozen spectre. Now know you who I am? Each of these works is preceded by the Author’s Preface, which perhaps exhausts all that had to be said of the play which follows — from his own original point of view. The joke is excellent! Here and there are a few windows still lit up, shining in the front of the houses. Don Carlos re-opening cupboard.

Will you not speak? The thing is worth exposing here. Mine, Ruy de Silva is. And now behold Thou art my rival!


My race in me Pursues thy race in thee. They ensured that there was enough of a crowd upon opening night that the play could not be shut down. Be quick to don The bridal dress. Remould your life, by me so sadly marred. And you who’ve spoken thus fictor me Ask not for mercy on some future day. Remember all your escort.

Hernani de Victor Hugo

Are these the exploits to be noised Abroad? In my own youth your grandfather I saw. So the pair entered a tobacconist’s shop, where stamped paper and pen and ink were procured, and the bargain duly made ; one exceedingly acceptable to the poet, who was then very poor, and had but fifty francs in his possession. The nuptials these of Death, and of the tombs!

If hair of thine be injured, may I die. For them no peace Has come ; their sons keep up the duel still. My watchful vengeance walks With me, and whispers in mine ear. Don Carlos opening the cupboard. We pity, it is true, the sorely tried and tempted, but we know as a fact in ethics — and therefore a truth to be upheld in Art — that retribution must follow wrong-doing’. These are thy necklaces and jewelled crown.