Over the course of thirty years, Hermann Samuel Reimarus () secretly drafted what would become the most thorough attack on revelation to date. REIMARUS, HERMANN SAMUEL (–), German theologian and philosopher. Son of a scholar, grandson of a clergyman, student and son-in-law of J. A. Whilst Hermann Samuel Reimarus has justly received a chapter in the history of biblical criticism, he has lacked a dedicated treatment of his.

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What added to the offence was that he saw the eschatology in a wrong perspective. But of all doctrines that of eternal punishment is most contrary, Reimarus thinks, to true ideas of God; and it was this point which first caused him to stumble” History of Modern Phil, Eng.

No erudition can supply the place of this historical instinct, but erudition sometimes serves a useful purpose, inasmuch as it produces in its possessors the pleasing belief that they are historians, and thus secures their services for the cause of history. Then he loses sight of them again. Reimarus has influenced contemporary thought indirectly through Lessing, David F.

The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer

John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, in the middle of the 18th century. Reimarus felt that the absence in the preaching of Jesus of any definition of the principal term the Kingdom of Godin conjunction with the great and rapid success of His preaching constituted a problem, and he formulated the conception that Jesus was not a religious founder and teacher, but purely a preacher. All this implies that the time of the fulfilment of these hopes was not thought of by Jesus and His disciples as at all remote.

Some writers, including Albert Schweitzercredit Reimarus with initiating the scholarly investigation of the historical Jesus. What happened was that, owing to the respect in which Semler was held, and the absolute incapacity of contemporary theology to overtake the long stride forward made by Reimarus, his work was neglected, and the stimulus which it was capable of imparting failed to take effect.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Indeed it reimarux be truer to say that Reimarus hung a mill-stone about the neck of the rising theological science of his time. And the people actually did cry “Hosanna to the Son of David!

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hermann Samuel Reimarus. Retrieved from ” https: Keep Exploring Britannica Mao Zedong. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Philosophy of religion, discipline concerned with the philosophical appraisal of human religious attitudes and of the real or imaginary objects of those attitudes, God or the gods.

Thus there had been nothing to prepare the world for a work of such power as that of Reimarus. Albert Schweitzer claimed that the development, among theologians and scholars, of a critical attitude towards orthodox concepts of the nature and mission of Jesus began with the work of Reimarus.

The sole argument which could save the credit of Christianity would be a proof that the Parousia had really taken place at the time for which it was announced; and obviously no such proof can be produced. To say that the fragment on “The Aims of Jesus and His Disciples” is a magnificent piece of work is barely to do it justice. He died on March 1, This view is current in modern scholarship.

Modern Language Association http: But this new morality does not do away with the Law, for He explains it as a fulfilment of the old commandments. Not much is known about Reimarus. Dec 18, See Article History. There is no doubt, now, that He will carry the people with Him! When the first systema, as Reimarus calls it, was annihilated by the death of Jesus, the disciples brought forward the second, and gathered followers who shared their expectation of a second coming of Jesus the Messiah.

Contact our editors with your feedback. This obstructive erudition is the special prerogative of theology, in which, even at the present rimarus, a truly marvellous scholarship often serves only to blind the eyes to elementary truths, and to cause the artificial to be preferred to the natural. Son of a scholar, grandson of a clergyman, student and son-in-law of J.


The nation was the Son of God; the kings of the covenant-people were Sons of Rei,arus the Messiah was in a pre-eminent sense the Son of God. Strauss, feimarus Albert Schweitzer. So we cannot be sure about the origin of Baptism, though we can be sure of its meaning. Sign In Forgot password?

Jesushe claimed, was a mere human afflicted by messianic illusions; after his death his body was stolen and hidden by his disciples to maintain his resurrection. He published a work on logic Vernunftlehre als Anweisung zum richtigen Gebrauche der Vernunft, 5th ed.

To make sure that the fire should break out in the day-time, I threw some straw upon it. Several of his writings appeared during his lifetime, all of them asserting the claims of rational religion as against the faith of the Church; one of them, for example, being an essay on “The Leading Truths of Natural Religion.

He had been seen coming down from the upper story of the burning house. Concerning the story of the Resurrection.

Appearing first in Daniel, this expectation can still be traced in the Apocalypses, in Justin’s “Dialogue with Trypho,” and in certain Rabbinic sayings. And this happens not only with those who deliberately shut samuwl minds against new impressions, but also with those whose purpose is to go forward, and to whom their contemporaries look up as leaders.


Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. His duties were light; and he employed his leisure in reimarys study of philologymathematicsphilosophyhistorypolitical economyscience and natural historyfor which he made large collections. They had seen that the preaching of rsimarus Kingdom of God will keep a man. Commentarii in epistulas Pauli. We can well understand that his work must have given offence when it appeared, for it is a polemic, not an objective historical study.