Heidy Rehman. Founder of Rose & Willard. View Full Bio. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up Interviews. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up. Heidy Rehman is the Founder & CEO of feminist fashion label, Rose & Willard. Prior to setting up her company she had a long corporate career in finance. Heidy . Heidy Rehman couldn’t find reasonably priced, ethically produced professional attire for women that suited her tastes. Instead of settling for.

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I believe as more women enter and stay in the workforce, they will develop a stronger lobbying voice which will compel corporates to create more flexible working for renman with families.

I would argue that customers really should be better informed with regard to what it is they’re paying for.

Heidy Rehman

In some countries there will be twice as many women as men in these institutions. I have also always looked to accommodate those of my staff with children.

It was a scary and tough decision but one I do not regret. If there are a number of issues then deal with each separately. However we would argue that sometimes the pressure to achieve in that career could lead to negative health implications.

Heidy Rehman on feminist fashion

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For example, write a list of your grievances in as objective a manner as possible, e. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: That lends gravity to the issue. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. For the most part multinational luxury brands no longer produce in traditional, heritage markets.

Never cry or show emotion. So perhaps present the grievance and deliver the answer. With women then accounting for higher numbers of graduates, inevitably, this will lead to higher participation rates of women in the workforce. Jeidy you have any advice for women who have experienced gender inequality in the workplace or in the fashion industry? This principle extends to and includes our own studio where every intern is paid.


interview with heidy rehman, founder of rose & willard | lip magazine

We have worked with Medaille Trust donations. And not only would they be non-models but, if we were to show their faces, then we would tell their stories and celebrate their achievements. I am willing to accommodate this. I believe that the quality of our product and our ambition of Doing The Right Thing would resonate strongly with the achieving women we aim to reach out to.

Our new collections are all being produced in-house. Why then should we allow this to undermine our confidence? I also made incentives clear and real.

We are also looking to work with the Armed Forces charities out of respect for those willing to lay down their lives for us. And I have stuck to that. I subsequently studied accountancy.

If the visual portrayal of our gender is so proscribed then perhaps it is no wonder that so many women experience ‘Imposter Syndrome’ – a belief of being unworthy. Fashion Industry Heavyweights Can Discourage the Use of Ultra-Thin Models As the owner of a womenswear brand one of the most important decisions I have to make is hwidy choice of model for our marketing campaigns.

It argues that these erhman are valued in modern companies. When I set up my company I decided that I would create a flat, open structure for everyone — no hierarchies.

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Also I would suggest having any conversation in a relatively formal setting, i. Why do we not see rehhman, tangible reform? I also found that colleagues shared that frustration.


From an empowerment perspective — as well as the empowerment principles in place at our studio — our aim is to create beautifully-crafted, luxurious and modern pieces that flatter the female form. An army of unpaid interns would make my life that much easier and would keep my costs that much lower. Ultimately we want that feeling to engender a confidence and empower women to go out and conquer the world.

Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. So far we have worked with Futures for Women where we donated a prize at a raffle at their annual event.

When Is a Model Not a Model? This situation coincided with my having reached as far in my career as my current job would allow. This is correct in some respects. Working conditions and providing opportunities for my staff are important to me. We have also taken part in school volunteering initiatives with Inspiring the Future.

Tell me about the charity partners that you have teamed up with — how did they get involved and what is their role within the brand? No more anonymous heidh.

What are your thoughts on gender inequality in the workplace and how do you feel your brand is combating this? But I won’t do it. And it may cost them no more.