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With this extension, you have the option Blazor when creating a new ASP. This is the container where the upload goes to. NET in Visual Studio. On subsequent deployments, the provider determines hebergeurr is different between the source and destination databases, and it updates the schema of the destination database to match the source database. With the sample code, the Book class holds a few properties. After logging into the Microsoft Azure portalyou can create an Azure Storage account.

This is not a problem in development because test data is easily re-created, but in production you usually want to update the database schema without dropping the database. Static website hosting in Azure Storage.

Web Hosting

These tutorials guide you through deploying an ASP. If you have questions that are not directly related to the tutorial, you can post them to the ASP. This method does not automate the deployment of data in database tables, but you can create scripts to do that and configure Visual Studio to run them during deployment.

But web programming tutorials typically stop right after they’ve shown you how to get something working on your development computer. These tutorials assume you know how to work with ASP. Hebbergeur on the tutorials are welcome, and when the tutorial is updated every effort will be made to take into account corrections or suggestions for improvements that are provided in tutorial comments.


The tutorials are designed to run in sequence, and each part builds on the previous part. Where the tutorials go over processes unique to Azure, they explain that and advise what differences you can expect at a third-party hosting provider. With the backend, Azure Functions can be used — also offering a cheap variant compared to App Services, and this as well offers big scaling. Overview These tutorials guide you through deploying an ASP. The control panel helps to get backups and restore the SQL databases.

Intended audience The tutorials are aimed at ASP.

ASP.NET Web Deployment using Visual Studio: Introduction

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This code fills the books field, that in turn is accessed from the Razor code to display all books. You develop a web application in order to make it available to people over the Internet.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This library can be used both from the Function App as well as the Blazor App showing the books. Windows 8 or Windows 7.

If the application implements a Migrations Seed method, the method runs hebergrur the database is created or the schema is updated.

To help you with some common problem scenarios, a troubleshooting reference page is available. In case you use Azure App Services, you can also host the Blazor website with the same hosting plan but possible a different Web app. The sample application that you download and deploy for these tutorials is a Visual Studio web application project. Troubleshooting during this tutorial When an error happens during deployment, or if the deployed site does not run correctly, the error messages don’t always provide an obvious solution.


It’s a simplified version of a university web site, based loosely on the Contoso University application described in the Entity Framework tutorials on the ASP.

In addition to the Functions App, a shared library is useful to hold the model type the Book class, and probably some business logic.

Hébergeur Web en Tunisie :: Domaines TN, VPS – WEBHOST

Published by Christian Nagel. Since then newer versions with additional features have been released. When you have the prerequisites installed, download the Contoso University web application.

The number of tutorials might make the deployment process seem daunting. The Migrations feature enables Code First to update the database without dropping and re-creating it. You can let Code First automatically decide how to make the required schema changes, or you can write code that customizes the changes.

Using Visual Studioyou can use a project template to create Azure Functions. The extension Azure Storage allows to manage your Azure Storage Accounts, and to upload files to deploy the files for a static website.

For information about continuous delivery, see the following resources:. When you are deploying a web project, Visual Studio can automate the process of deploying a database that is managed by Code First Migrations. You are commenting using your WordPress.