Kievan first played us Harvest Home and it seemed a good tune to add to our it’s an Irish hornpipe also known as the Cork Hornpipe (and some other aliases). The Harvest Home Hornpipe (sheet music). This is a very popular hornpipe on the fiddle. It is very common in session and gathering all over Scotland and. Recordings and book sources for the hornpipe known as Harvest Home, The, Baile an Fhómhair, Harvest Homes, Harvest Time, Féasta an Tarlaithe, The.

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There are more than publications contained in about selected from the collection of John Glen Leave feedback about this page. Hqrvest image Zoom image Transcription. Michael Gorman fiddle, vocals. The Dance Music of Willie Clancy.

As tune 85 in [A] Hugh McDermott. On page of [M2] Phil Rubenzer. In the tune collection here Harvesst HP is lsited as an alternative name – or did that just get done? I heard some joker of a fiddler in Australia play this tune in d minor.

The Harvest Home Reel

Please use the easy Feedback Form. I have discovered by careful listening that these sources are in fact musically the same tune, regardless of the tune titles they use, key changes, retuning, etc. O’Neill’s Music of Ireland. Willie Clancy pipes, whistle. If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment. Listing of published haevest of this tune. Over volumes from three internationally renowned special collections of printed music.


Micho Russell whistle, flute, vocals.

abc | Harvest Home Hornpipe. GHW – ?page_id=no-ext/

Note shared with my friends: From Ballymote to Brooklyn. Don’t rely on tune titles. Where members are who play this tune.

Paddy Killoran fiddleJames Morrison fiddle. The Music of Kevin Keegan. The Genius of Peter Conlon.

Michael Sexton Ceili Band. Especially if you stick to the gypsy-esque flattened 6th kind of minor rather than the modal kind. So why do you hxrvest indexing books and abc?

The Harvest Home (Irish Hornpipe) sheet music for Flute

The Bunch of Keys. On the home recording I took that setting from he plays it consistently that way, the main departure from the usual setting is BGec dcBA instead of defd dcBA etc. Images and transcriptions on this page, including medium image hornpipf, may be used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Maid behind the Bar. Glen collection as part of the NLS special hoe and printed collections. It must have been derived from Harvest Home or vice versa? Also available are a few manuscripts, some treatises, and other books on the subject. Submitted on January 27th by gian marco. Set display mode to: Grid view List view Set display mode to: As tune 56 in [DM 4] Gornpipe Mallinson.


Discography Here are all recordings of this tune considering only the indexed recordings. The trick is too add more triplets! I also wanted to write out some of the variations per se he played. Played after On Albums. Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. This version works well with tenor banjo and mandolinas tenor banjo players are encouraged to play triplets with hornpipes or to not play at all! The Pipering of Willie Clancy.

The Harvest Home Reel on folk tune finder

Here are all transcriptions of this tune considering only the indexed bookslisted in chronological order. Start in d major, and just as everyone starts to groan, go middle-eastern on them. Dance Music from the Cork-Kerry Border. Does anyone know the earliest reference to this tune?

Click below to hear the first 12 seconds.

They can be fun to turn into eastern-sounding minor things. Bibliography Here are all transcriptions of this tune considering only the indexed bookslisted in chronological order. This setting is the solves the problem of hornpipes being played too fast.

Charles Middleton, [approximately ? Play as tight as possible to emulate him. The Dance Music of Ireland.