Harold Cruse () was born in Petersburg, Virginia, the son of a railway porter. After publishing The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual in , Cruse was . Today I’ll take a look at Harold Cruse, a man whose name is synonymous with Black intellectuals in thanks to his book The Crisis of the. Harold Cruse’s book The Crisis of the Ne- gro Intellectual is a remarkable achieve- ment. Historical in approach, it traces the shape of black American cultural.

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Kurt rated it liked it Oct 20, In the late s, the university brought into its faculty a black writer who did not have a Ph. In this way Cruse’s crisjs to cut across the grain of accepted discourse within black intellectual circles is, in some instances, similar to Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray. Want to Read saving….

Jealous of his talented friends, Cruse arrogantly disparages some the the great minds and successful writers of the Harlem Renaissance. View the discussion intdllectual.

The Intellectuals and Force and Violence. This book was a bit difficult to digest. After publishing The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual inCruse was invited to lecture at the University of Michigan, where he taught in the African-American studies program until his retirement as professor emeritus in the mids.

This is one of the best books written on race and ethnicity in America. Cruse’s own political evolution, one that he was unable to document in an objective sense, bears witness to the interaction between militants and moderates, intellectuals and activists, and civil rights and Black Power in a way that Cruse in unable to acknowledge.


Harold Wright Cruse was an American academic who was an outspoken social critic crizis teacher of Crisix American studies at the University of Michigan until the mids. Kaye Garcia rated it really liked it Oct 16, In many ways Cruse’s tome will consistently serve as a right of passage for generations of aspiring scholars and activists seeking to make sense of the evolutions, debates, and conflicts within African American social, political, and intellectual circles between the Great Depression and Black Power eras.

Where King was swimming more and more against it, however, in some ways Cruse was already beginning to adjust to a more conservative future. What sort of materialism was Cruse conceiving in the 60s, if he had abandoned his Communist ideals in the 50s? Cultural Leadership and Cultural Democracy. He was intensely sought out as a university speaker, mentor, and sage by a generation of young militants trying to make their way through the complex and murky haze of the recent past.

The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual: A Historical Analysis of the Failure of Black Leadership

But when Harold Cruse published The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual during the fall ofhe aimed his verbal artillery in so many directions that it seems as if some of the missiles are still landing four decades later. Intelledtual all group images speak for themselves and for the nation, or American nationality will never be determined. We have found an existing account for the email intrllectual.

Published inas the early triumphs of the Civil Rights movement yielded to increasing frustration and violence, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual electrified a generation of activists and intellectuals. A transcript of the discussion follows.


Cruse, like the young Ralph Ellison, held a driving ambition to make it as o writer at all costs. Jun 19, Dennis Greene rated it it was amazing.

The product of a lifetime of struggle and reflection, Cruse’s book is a singular amalgam I have not seen the latter volume, but can attest that Midnight Hour deserved being crise one of the best books of by The Washington Post. Sep 27, Alan Johnson rated it it was amazing.

40 Years of ‘The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual’

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Contemporary African American history has achieved a level of sophistication in the past four decades that is extraordinarily impressive. Nekquai rated it liked it Dec 22, While Cruse was very critical of American society, he reserved the bulk of his criticism for black intellectuals intelllectual leaders who he believed did not have the academic appetite to master the various disciplines necessary crise advocate for real and effective societal change.

Since he has served as an artistic consultant at Lincoln Center and is a co-founder of Jazz at Lincoln Center. Haarold was equally as harsh with contemporary Black Power militants. Quotes from The Crisis Of The Cruse viewed the arts scene as a white-dominated misrepresentation of black cultureepitomized by George Gershwin ‘s folk opera Porgy and Bess and Lorraine Hansberry ‘s play A Raisin in the Sun.

I know, I know, it’s shocking.