Review. Torn: The Missing, Book 4. by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Thirteen-year- old Jonah longs for a normal life again. Ever since he found. Torn by Margaret Peterson Haddix – Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to discover the Northwest Passage in this new installment of the New. Torn (The Missing) [Margaret Peterson Haddix] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to.

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It has been a long time since I hzddix read a book by Haddix, primarily because her last installment in the series was John Hudson, called Dalton Sullivan in the 21st century, was already inliving in England. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Now it is the year and Jonah and Katherine have been sent to help fix some of the problems with time caused by Second Chance. But Jonah and Katherine are thoroughly modern, with an outlook that fails to carry weight or depth. Katherine later returns to save the others, including Maria and Leonid, hadsix the four older Romanovs are killed.

Will Jonah and Katherine be able to save time, and themselves?

The Missing Collection by Margaret Peterson Haddix

He fell in love with Andrea at the beginning of the book and end of the previous book, but he gets friendzoned. Jonah and Katherine quickly find themselves instuck on a sailing vessel off the icy coast of Canada, captained by the explorer Henry Hudson. Oct 23, Caden Westover rated it it was amazing.

Maybe I had too high expectations or perhaps I was in a fowl mood but for whatever reason, I found Torn to be boring and dull.

And this good is not that good nor so bad but still good view spoiler [there are two version of realities already! The old sense of adventure is back, as well as the interesting history without the odd sensation torj jumping around from meaningless point to meaningless point much like timesickness, I would guess.


Torn | The Missing Series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

View all 9 comments. Sep 26, Becca rated it liked it. The setting wasn’t my favorite either. It reminds me of Trix Yogart.

This book is appropriate for grades 6 and up because there is some violence in the novel. Lists with This Book. I didn’t like this one as much as Haddix’s first three in this series. They go on and find hidden notes placed around the boat. When they find out that Second has disguised himself as Hudson’s first mate and has murdered one of them, Jonah and Katherine have a harrowing time, and then relive the mutiny and banishment, except time splits, showing 1 version that they already lived the return of the shipand 1 that they live now continued banishment, the original version.

The Missing (novel series)

I do love that she gives so much historical detail. Oct 02, Cameron rated it it was amazing. As always, the pair go through various obstacles and challenges, all in an attempt to fix history and essentialy time.

I enjoyed that scientific part of the novel but I mainly nodded my head and pretended to understand when honestly, I had no clue what the paragraph meant. The first three books are Found, Sent, and Sabotaged.

I read this immediately after the confusing previous book, Sabotaged. I have to read this series! It has different things for everyone. I have read the entire series, and have loved this book the most. I kinda forget them tho.

Torn – Margaret Peterson Haddix

Jonah, Katherine, and Andrea find that their attempt to fix time by sending Andrea back is being thwarted by a man who calls himself Second. It is this historical grounding that goes the farthest in authenticating her outrageous tales. Revealed was released on September 2, Each book in this series has upped the stakes just a little bit, by introducing new characters, conspiracies, or challenges for Jonah and Katherine.


Sep 06, Curran rated it it was amazing. After continuing there story with Andrea and meeting second he is sent away to somewhere near what they thought at the time the northwest passage which isint a thing and were trying to find it while time was spiraling to an end.

Jonah and Katherine have no contact with J. People would pay big bucks to someone who had the genes related to some of the most haddox people of history. I had to hold onto every word to understand how complicated the book is for readers. In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and baby, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.

Want to Read saving…. I like the author a lot. Haddix and her husband, Doug, now live in Columbus, Ohio, with their two children. After they have defeated the smugglers, another time traveler from the future known to them as JB Janitor Boy decides to send Chip and another boy, Alex, back to the s, where they were originally taken from.

Second appears and Jonah and Katherine are saved by JB, only to be hurled into another time The sailors are gaunt, with pox marks and scurvy. I will say, however, that I think most middle grade readers could learn something of history by reading this book.

It was different though, so I’ll give it that. I enjoyed the way that the characters were built and developed and their timelines were carefully constructed.