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This uncertainty drove me frantic. Kartanbai was coughing all the time, tossing and turning and muttering prayers. No, a wolf cub will never make a house dog!

I would listen to the swish of the leaves, my heart hammering from fear and excitement as I tried to picture those distant lands. egethaya

I’ve brought you back your bag. I cannot act differently, because I feel that it is too big for me to handle along. The wealthy men who spent the winter up in the mountains and only came down to the flourmill occasionally were especially noxious.

Thanks for your review. Who gave you land and water?


Ah I have to do now is get in a supply of fuel for the winter, but that’ll be easy, there’s plenty of thistles growing all around. There was a Russian man on it. One day I worked up enough courage to say to her: I almost jumped for joy. The story that has gripped me, the story that prompted me to take up my brush seems so overwhelming that I simply cannot embrace it alone. I implore you, don’t stay away any longer, hurry back!

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Practically all of us have a secondary education, and many a higher education. Though I knew my aunt wouldn’t let me go to school, I wanted Duishen to come and see where I lived. People won’t let you go so soon. Meanwhile, the character Duishen stands out of the crowd for all the courage and perseverance he had.

Chinghiz Aitmatov ge Palamuwana Guruwaraya Hewath Guru Geethaya

Winter was drawing close. The work was not an easy task; rather say it was an extremely difficult task to encourage the people to send their kids to a school. Calling to one another from different directions, they were converging.

She was already past middle age, a statuesque woman with plenty of gray in her glossy black hair. You’ve got a crowd together, go ahead and head them to school, there’s nothing for you here.

Who feeds and clothes her? Oh, how I wanted to run after those stupid men, catch their horses by the bridles and scream into their smug, jeering faces: And beyond the village stretched the onvel steppe, floating, it seemed, in a shimmering haze.


We were squatting on the ground beside our bags, too embarrassed to speak. He went on foot, and was usually away two or three days. Our schoolroom became so quiet as if it lay buried under snow.

I just couldn’t see it, that’s all. The crumbling, rain-damaged walls had gudu plastered with clay, and the warped door that had always sagged on one hinge had been fixed and was properly closed now. All I want is to go up that hill and stand under the trees for a long, long time, listening to the murmur of their leaves. From whatever side you approach our Kurkureu, the first thing you see are the two poplars, standing on that hill like beacons for all to see. Subscribe For Free Updates! The farther a field I ran the less I found.

My whole body went strangely limp, and I lay down without uttering a word. I owe it to them. We did not know what it meant. Duishen asked in a shocked voice, peering into the faces about him.