GUIA OFICIAL PARASITE EVE II 2 PLAYSTATION EDICION ESPAÑOLA PIGGYBACK PARASITE EVE 2 PLASTATION PSX TUNING AUFKLEBER Neu ware. Like its predecessor, the items in Parasite Eve II are fairly numerous and most are analogs to items that typically appear in RPGs. Unlike the previous game (and.

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It belonged to the Neo Ark lead researcher, Fred Bowman. This restores a massive amount of MP, and consequently, it is useful for harder fights or when you are nearly out of MP. Contents [ show ]. From the picture, he looks like a nervous, middle-aged man. This item is very useful against the Gray and Ivory Oarasite as it causes them to become stunned and makes them visible.

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This item is very useful and can be won as a prize by beating Level 3 of the Shooting Range at M. These strands carry genetic information on adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine bases.

Berserker increases the damage done by all attacks, but causes Aya to lose HP instead of MP, Earth and Water spells cannot be used, at the cost of all spells having their level increased by 1 to the maximum of 3. Also this can stun most enemies, knocking them over allowing Aya to deal “safe” damage to them.

Mitochondria contain different DNA than that of their host, supporting the theory that paraslte are relics of separate organisms that joined with the cell nuclei of host organisms soon pwx life began on this planet. With a maximum of 10 possible, the Belt Pouch allows a single slot to be added, expanding Aya’s combat inventory. This item is useful because not only does it fully restore Aya’s HP, but it also permanently raises her maximum HP by 5.

It allows Aya to find rare and valuable equipment to help survive future encounters. Naturally, it should be attached to further maximize Aya’s survivability.

Parasite Eve II Items | Parasite Eve Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

These are items that are used in combat, either by causing status ailments on enemies or in some cases, preventing them. Boss Stranger – No. Working as the game’s elixir, ece Ringer’s Solution is a very valuable item and is best saved for the final bosses as pex can fully recover Aya’s HP and MP. Unlike the previous game and consequently truer to its survival horror theme there is not any reviving items so the game has to be played more cautious.


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Since Apobiosis is not available for a large portion of the game, the Pepper Spray is the main way of paralyzing a target. This item is one of several that pretty much should be attached to the armor. Very useful against Brain StingersPepper Guiaa causes targets to stay in place, allowing Aya to easily pound them.

This is very useful as a MP restoration item, but can also be used to restore some minor HP. Since there is a minimal amount of Pouches possible, it is best to save this for your final Armor. This item is very rare as there is only a single one in the normal game. Klaup raised further suspicions in the media.

It makes Aya immune to Darkness, which is very useful as it is a common status ailment and is very annoying to deal with. Method of DNA propagation in which a section of DNA is affixed to a virus and sent into the cells of the test subeject. These items do not take up Aya’s inventory space and are in their own individual slot in the menu. These items are a subgroup of items but are unique in that they buff Aya or they upgrade a PE spell pax a specific level.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Mitochondria are responsible for ATP production, an important source of cell power. This is very useful in the final battles or on harder difficulties, when Aya takes nasty hits from an enemy.

This is one of the weakest Recovery items in the game but is useful early on, when Healing is not cost-effective. This item makes parasitd fight against the Sea Diver worthwhile. Maeda, holds that mitochondria intentionally entered this symbiotic relationship.

Used to rebuild gene chains. These are the more conventional items that Aya will find throughout the game and are very useful, mainly because they restore HP, MP or status conditions. This item is very useful because it makes Aya’s guns all that more powerful and that is handy against some of the later game enemies.


Parasite Eve II Items

It does have quite a charge time, but it is useful. However the fact that it allows Aya to not be Confused or Berserked can be useful as these are relatively critical status ailments.

Retrieved from ” http: Headquarters – Neo Ark – Shelter. However, the P and the MP5A5 have this feature built in and have much more uses for it.

This is useful for curing these status ailments, although, much like the Penicillin, Metabolism ultimately makes these items useless. Useful for killing weaker enemies, Flares actually deal some damage to the enemies, making them useful against Bats. This is a very useful item because it allows Aya to see where the enemies are on the map and this can be useful because not all enemies may be on screen.

Popular name for the series of bizarre incidents occuring over the last week of December, on Manhattan island. A bear left behind by No. They need to be typically are attached to Aya’s armor in order to function. Watcher – Derangement Speaker. Hans Klaup, was solely responsible for this act of organic terrorism and the creation of the artificial virus that made it possible. This is useful for curing several status ailments, although some armors can help resist these as well, and Metabolism can cure all, making the use of these items limited at best.

This is a far more powerful version of Recovery1, and is useful when Aya takes nasty hits and Healing is not enough, or you don’t want to waste MP. This inflicts the Berserker status ailment, which can be useful.

This also helps Aya survive in the later areas of the game. Organelles found in the cells of most eucaryotic organisms. Also these spells cost double their cost in HP instead of MP.