Here is a detailed guide to help you regarding this process. First of find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Hindu calendar. Once the date is fixed. One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam. A Gruhapravesam ceremony is performed before settling into. Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings. I want to add only one or two points in addition to the above.

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A griha pravesh ceremony is performed, when one enters a new home for the first time. Please feel free to call OR e-mail us for any further clarifications. When is the auspicious day for gruhapravesham after 15th January We want to perform simple gruhapravesh in september month.

Please suggest dates in the month of may or june for grah pravesh Pooja for our new flat in Pune. I would truly appreciate some guidance.

Top Gruhapravesam Tips for Your New Home

One can use any of the above suggested methods by other members for performing the puja. Before we enter into the new gruhapavesam we have to worship a cow with its child and we should get the cow go into the new house and go into all the rooms. Namaste, Please Perform the Grahapravesam Pooja first and after marriage, you both can live in that New house. We need to move in gduhapravesam rented accommodation between 20th April and 22nd April Guruji.

Boiling of milk After the homa, the lady of the house boils the milk and the milk should boil and spill over to usher in abundance. We are planning to shift to new rented flat on First week of Aprilactually we need to move from the current flat during this time ,Can you gduhapravesam an auspicious day and a muhoorta from 1 April to 6th April.


What is the procedure for Griha Pravesham?

It will be enough. As it is mandatory for grjhapravesam to move before July 15th and later to June 27th, we request you to kindly suggest us the good dates. You can buy a Ganesh yantra, Navagraha yantra and Vaasthu yantra and keep gruhapravesaam your pooja altar to overcome from all kinds of obstacles, negativities, and doshas.

I would like to know, what rules we need to follow while entering into the new home rentedlike auspicious time, pooja procedure, etc.

You need to do fasting for the rituals. While we will be performing griha pravesh later, is there a simple ceremony- like breaking a coconut we need to do tomorrow and what gruhaprsvesam is auspicious.

How to Do Self Griha Pravesh Puja? – How to Perform Griha Pravesh Pooja?

Hi, I am living in London, we bought a house old houseand I am not able to perform pujas because gruharavesam leaves from work, and thought of performing milk boiling and start the moving in to our house and later on when possible would like to perform homas and pujas. Please tell me the auspicious time on November I3. The priest does pooja to this pot with recitation of sacred mantras. My in laws told that they had to do the gruahpravesam before our wedding or else we cannot perform it for the next six months.

If possible do Lakshmi pooja in the evening time and offer coins to 7 little girls or Married woman Sumangali Happy home always. Namaste, Please note that as per the Tamil month Aadi, which falls July 15th to August 15th, shifting of house is considered as inauspicious. From then non of my family members have seen me.

Dear Sir Kind request for clarification – Is it is correct that After Vastu bali [ shanthi ] or Rakshoghna homa the husband and wife [ owners ] should not be stayed in new house – till Griha praveshma of next day: Hi Sri Lekha, You can perform a Ganesh Homa and Navagraha Homa with Lakshmi pooja, so that it will fulfill all your wishes which is equal that you have done the rituals like House warming. You must Sign In to post a response.


Once inside the home, a Vastu Shanti Pooja is conducted by the priest. August 16th, 29th and 31st are the Auspicious days. I see in your earlier comments that 9 prcedure of june is better date for Griha pravesh but on another many sites shows there are no dates before 2 nd november then how can 9 th june is better Sobha Kalyani September 22, These poojas help in purifying house by warding off the evils and vastu doshas, if any. To nullify the bad effects, homas are done to deities for their blessings of protection and purification.

Good Luck to you. This makes the place a livable one for a happy and healthy living of the residents.

How to Do Self Griha Pravesh Puja

Then your parents will get the moral rights. Its urgent and there is no auspicious date which will be suitable. Now we need to do gruhapravesham pooja, but i prcoedure 4 months pregnant.

Kindly advise when would be a good day and time for moving into a house end June and July for South Indians to perform the Griha Pravesh.

Indians are generally particular about shubh muhurats, when it comes to buying a property or shifting to a new house. Which are the auspicious days and time in August ? I am planning o marry soon also. It’s now almost 6 years since we bought and moved into this house. There is no harm in doing both in same year. The lady breaks a coconut and this is also placed on the threshold.

Tie mango leaves toranam, draw rangoli i.