This tutorial will provide an example session of setting up a protein for This tutorial uses Gromacs () version and most of the. GROMACS Tutorial for Solvation Study of Spider Toxin Peptide. Yu, H., Rosen, M . Note: You will generate gromacs (*.gro) structure files in this tutorial. To view. GROMACS runs on linux, unix, and on Windows. For this tutorial, we used Gromacs version compiled with FFTW ver libraries. Synopsis. In this tutorial.

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Change log : gromacs package : Ubuntu

Add chrpath to Build-Depends. Rgomacs specific listing of MPI packages from description of gromacs-dev. Obsolete in raring -release on Update to debhelper v7 mode. Superseded in quantal -release on Deleted in xenial -proposed Reason: Deleted in disco -proposed Reason: Deleted in bionic -proposed Reason: Superseded in cosmic -release on Patch courtesy of Drew Parsons.


Superseded in yakkety -proposed on Available diffs diff from to This addresses but is not a complete fix. Also enable NEON for arm Obsolete in zesty -release on Add preliminary support for building GPU-accelerated binaries: Update to commit 36dfc11d1baeaf8effd.

Patch courtesy of James Westby. Several Build-Depends-Indep entries added to support this.

Change log for gromacs package in Ubuntu

Update feature summary URL in package description, and add Homepage field. The shipped HTML documentation is slowly being eliminated in favor of a wiki on gromacs. Deleted in trusty -proposed Reason: Obsolete in maverick -release on Obsolete in yakkety -release on mnaual Available diffs diff from 4.

Superseded in manula -release on Superseded in 33.3.3 -release on Bump Standards-Version to 3. Thanks to Dann Frazier for catching it. Apply compiler hardening flags with hardening-wrapper. Deleted in zesty -proposed on Reason: Deleted in trusty -proposed on Reason: PDF manual is built once again, and doxygen output for developer use is included.


Drop Build-Depends on dpatch, add on hardening-wrapper. Obsolete in karmic -release on Deleted in artful -proposed Reason: