This tutorial will provide an example session of setting up a protein for This tutorial uses Gromacs () version and most of the. GROMACS Tutorial for Solvation Study of Spider Toxin Peptide. Yu, H., Rosen, M . Note: You will generate gromacs (*.gro) structure files in this tutorial. To view. GROMACS runs on linux, unix, and on Windows. For this tutorial, we used Gromacs version compiled with FFTW ver libraries. Synopsis. In this tutorial.

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Available diffs diff from 4. Build against openmpi on ppc64el and arm Published in artful -release on Superseded in cosmic -proposed on Update to commit a51f87ffc6ef9e07a2a2dc No packaging changes required.

Various minor spelling and header fixes.

Update to S-V 3. Obsolete in vivid -release on Set Priority to optional. Pull from upstream git repository, release Obsolete in saucy -release on Obsolete in yakkety -release on Add LDFLAGS to -lam and -openmpi builds with -L arguments to their respective library directories, exclusive of update-alternatives trickery, in order to prevent accidental cross-linking.


Molecular Dynamics Hands-on Session I

Superseded in bionic -release on Obsolete in wily -release on Avoid duplication of copyright information into two files, but provide a link to keep mabual filenames. Thanks again to Manuel Prinz.

Fix formatting errors in the NAME line of several man pages. Deleted in xenial -proposed Reason: Thanks again to Drew Parsons. Available diffs diff from to 1.

Superseded in saucy -release on Override debhelper-but-no-misc-depends for gromacs-data and gromacs-lam. Update feature summary URL in package description, and add Homepage field.

Reported upstream at http: Update macros for lintian cleanliness. Deleted in xenial -proposed on Reason: Update to debhelper v7 mode. Deleted in yakkety -proposed on Reason: Current to git commit 37a4dd35fecca7faca25c62c71cf1d8e, 29 Nov. Available diffs diff from in Debian to build1 bytes.

Published in trusty -release on Available diffs diff from to Superseded in vivid -release on Patch courtesy of Drew Parsons. Deleted in cosmic -proposed grimacs Reason: Superseded in bionic -proposed on Obsolete in zesty -release on Update to recognize -betaX tarballs and ignore -GPU builds.


Change log : gromacs package : Ubuntu

Increment Standards-Version to 3. Superseded in yakkety -proposed on Superseded in trusty -release on Superseded in maverick -release on Drop Build-Depends on dpatch, add on hardening-wrapper. Published in cosmic -release on Necessary for current Ubuntu build environment.

Obsolete in gutsy -release on Bump Standards-Version to 3. Superseded in zesty -release on