Java GridBagLayout example with examples on all layout managers such as BorderLayout, GridLayout, FlowLayout, BoxLayout, CardLayout, GridBagLayout, GroupLayout, SpringLayout, ScrollPaneLayout etc. Computer Network tutorial. Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing. Lesson: How to Use GridBagLayout: The Example Explained. Here, again, is the applet that shows a GridBagLayout in action. As the above applet shows, a GridBagLayout places components in a grid of You can find more examples of using GridBagLayout throughout this tutorial.

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Similarly, not all columns necessarily have the same width. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The labels are rgidbaglayout to the left. It then adds the component to its container, specifying the GridBagConstraints object as the second argument to the add method. New columns and rows are created automatically when needed.

Select Horizontal in the Fill combobox and press Enter. Docs for Earlier Releases. You can see in the code extract above that Button 5 specifies that it should be displayed at the end of the display area by setting an anchor at GridBagConstraints.

We can put this alongside the insets to affect all components because our anchor does not affect our text field components, only our labels, since they have no FILL set. Instead of invoking methods on a GridBagConstraints object, you manipulate its instance variables, as described in Specifying Constraints.


It is important to reset any constraint values such as gridWidth because we are dealing with only one constraints object. November 29, at 9: Dimension maximumLayoutSize Container target Returns the maximum dimensions for this layout given the components in the specified target container. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

SWING – GridBagLayout Class

Man, you did a great job on this tutorial. Compile the program using the command prompt.

Essentially, GridBagLayout places components in rectangles cells in a grid, and then uses the components’ preferred sizes to tridbaglayout how big the cells should be. You inspiring me to write my own books on this topic. I struggled for about half a day trying to get some sort of menu system in AngularJS working.

SWING GridBagLayout Class

This method is obsolete and supplied for backwards compatability only; new code should call arrangeGrid instead. The Tutorial’s examples used to specify the constraints object a different way, which you rgidbaglayout see in other programs as well. Invalidates the layout, indicating that if the layout manager has cached information it should be discarded.

Larger numbers indicate that the component’s row or column should get more space.

Not all rows necessarily have the same height. Your form should look now like the one from the ContactsBasicFinal. Note that if you enlarge the window, the last row is the only one that gets taller.

To make button 4 tall, we added internal padding ipady to it. You gridabglayout set the following GridBagConstraints instance variables: The next section discusses constraints in gridbwglayout, in the context of explaining how the example program works.


April 5, at This resizing behavior is based on weights the program assigns to individual components in the GridBagLayout. The button in the second row spans all the columns; the button in the third row spans the two right columns. Since the preferred size of the combobox is smaller than the size of the corresponding cell, the GridBagLayout places the component into the center of the cell by default. To separate them, do the following:. To put space between buttons 4 and 5, we used insets to add a minimum of 10 pixels above button 5, and we made button 5 hug the bottom edge of its cell.

Values that are different from those in the previous table entry are marked in italics. This is the best tutorial I have used yet! We do this by setting the gridWidth property to two for those fields that we want to stretch over. If you enlarge the window as shown in the following figure, you’ll notice that the bottom row, which contains Button 5, gets all the new vertical space.