The Gargant is a source of great pride for the Ork Warboss who owns one as it shows both his great richness in Teef (the Ork currency, and quite literally Ork. Gargants have a special weapon location known as a “belly gun”, which houses either a Gut Buster mega-cannon or a Snapper close assault. Find great deals for RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Steam Gargants are powered by a giant steam engine, and the boiler is fueled by an endless supply of wood, coal, and anything else burnable that a horde of grots during the fight and boyz after the fight can steal off the battlefield.

Basically if GW would remade its main headquarters in Nottingham in the shape of a Gargant this would be model appropriate to the 28mm scale of Wh40k game.

THIS is the biggest Gargant to date. Expect infinite levels of rageSlaanesh-imitatingand mur der.

RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP

Great Gargants are more powerful versions of the Ork Gargantbeing larger in size and sporting more weapons and Kustom Force Fields. The look is rather unique, as well. Nevertheless, Gargants are grfat difficult to destroy due greah their dense albeit crude construction. The incredible primitiveness of a Steam Gargant actually works in the favour of the Spanna’s who maintain and repair it, as almost anything they do will be an improvement on the Gargants current state.

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. The Deff Dread is also capable of carrying up to four weaponised arms.

RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP | eBay

Make sure you pick the right size for your war engine! Army of Repair Mek’s: In an Ork warband, there can exist Gargants and Gargant-like war machines from Killa Kans which are the Ork equivalent of the Space Marine Dreadnoughts crewed by a single Gretchin to the vast armoured behemoths that are the Mega-Gargants. Any Pigdoks or Spannas that get a little too excited about making the giant machine band together into a group of Boilerboyz, who form a command chain of foremen underneath the original Pigdok and strongarm the tribe into pouring more resources into the preposterous machine, often demanding even crazier weapons be added to the Gargant.


It also survived having a naval plasma drive fired at it an event which can tear a Battle-Barge in half without collapsing it’s shields. As well as a battery or two of artillery pieces, Great Gargants often feature fearsome ‘belly-guns’ and high-powered energy weapons mounted in the head section. This weapon hits automatically.

How much does it weigh? That thing is totally badass. It could be said that the Mega Gargant prioritize as a gigantic line breaker that could instantly turn the tide of a long-drawn slug out. Great Gargants are a potent threat to any enemy force.

In addition, a model with this rule can move and fire its heavy weapons without any penalty to its hit rolls. Da Eye of Mork 72″ Assault 1 5D6 -4 12 Invulnerability and void shield saves made against this weapon suffer a -1 to their saving throws. When they work, however, they can inflict gruesome damage.

This page was last modified on 20 Decemberat Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. However, once a Stompa is built, many Orks will flock towards gadgant banner, bringing with them more Meks, more teef and in a circuitous way, more Stompas, and once two or three Stompas are on a rampage, woe betide any who try to stop them.

great gargant image – Orc clan and Orks fantasy and monsters fan group

When you have enough guns to shoot grea a battleship in orbit, then your opponent knows that their done for. A Temple Gargant contains humongous amounts of space, so much space that there is even room for a accounts and managements department who’s job it is to ensure that the Gargant and the armies surrounding it are properly fed, “paid” and just generally logistically managed.

Killa Kans are giant metal canisters on piston-driven legs that sport lethal close combat attachments and heavy-duty weaponry. Open this image bigger to see the true sizes of every Gargant! Thats the best and scariest Gargant I have ever ggreat Furthermore, the majority of the Mega Gargant’s weapons are forward facing, meaning that it is vulnerable to the side and rear.


All I can really say is I love every single bit of this!!! This model may take a captive Weirdboy for points. All ORK units within 24″ of gargannt model or with line of sight to it add 1″ to their movement, gargantt and charge distances and add 1 to their attack charecteristic.

I am absolutely floored by your creation. About points of And points of Defeating a sandwich, only makes it tastier. Pictured here, a Mekboy Gargant displaying its massive firepower.

great gargant image – Orc clan and Orks fantasy and monsters fan group – Mod DB

I can just sit here and pick out little cool bits all day. At the beginning of your turn, roll a D6, on a 1, 2 or 3 nothing happens, on a 4 or 5 you gain 1 command point and on a 6 you gain D3 command points. Subtract 1 from the hit roll for this weapon, if a unit destroyed by this weapon could explode then it does explode.

All da Kustom Force Fields: Imperator -class Titan faces off against an Ork Mega-Gargant. Big Mek Orks receive a grwat vision of sorts from Gork or possibly Morkand set out to bring that vision to life in the artistic medium of thick armour plates, smoke-belching engines, and lots and lots of very large guns. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. This fusion of every single medieval siege engine rolled into one is run by Spannas: A mek has been inspired by all the wargh energy surrounding him, and has come up with something which will dramatically improve the gargant, this model heals half of all of its previously lost wounds and may add 1 to all invulnerability saves it makes until your next turn.

Big Shootas 36″ Assault 3 5 0 1 – Da Fist of Gork Melee Melee x2 -5 16 Subtract 1 from the hit roll for this weapon, if a unit destroyed by this weapon could explode then it does explode. It may also grind its foes to pulp with Da Spikey Treds.