Goshin taiso = “protective conditioning” or more literally “protective body hardening” is a system of training the body to do aiki jujutsu safely. Ichiban Dojo – Les disciplines: Goshin Jutsu – Ken Jutsu – Goshin Taiso.

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There is a balanced mixture tais studying the core principles of Hakkoryu Jujutsu Kihon and practicing applications of these principles henka to defend against typical attacks Goshin Jutsu. This split allows us to train at a very high level and addresses a major safety issue.

The story is that his kingdom was at war with a much larger, more powerful and better equipped one.

glshin This should also apply to a Hakko Ryu practitioner, who controls his mind, body and inner energy, being completely absorbed by the spirit within.

Timing of such a yell is important.

You are here Home. Training and injury Many martial arts have very high injury rates. This is the kinder, gentler cousin to aiki jujutsu. For more information about Hakkoryu, visit Hakkoryu. Visiting our dojo and trying some classes is the best way to appreciate the unique training that takes place at Hakkoryu NIntai Dojo.

In Japanese, Jiko means “Love of Compassion”the strongest healing method. One glaring difference is that we are goal oriented in forms of strength training so we put a high premium on progressions to achieve this. It is also true that neophytes often confuse intensity with authenticity in training, so having them do scads of pushups and situps gives them the illusion they have accomplished more than just getting their heart rate up.

If needed, Hakkoryu Jujutsu enables you to protect yourself by controlling the attacker without causing unnecessary harm or injury. This is just human nature that after a student has worked very hard to learn a new technique, the teacher does not want to demoralize them by saying it applies seldom, if ever.


Goshin taiso athletic training. In Japan, where Soke Okuyama has developed Hakko Ryuthese laws of life are expressed as a calling, performed by the three means that can be considered as fundamental in this country: In a proper system, someone with no previous experience should be able to start and make measurable progress towards the goals. We bring guest Shihan to town and organize group trips to visit other Hakkoryu dojos during the year. There is no sport to what we teach.

Normally the emphasis in aiki jujutsu class is technique and extremely safe training. The School of the Eighth Light by Gabriel Dutchevici Hakko Ryu is that martial art of suppleness, elegance, inner and outer balance, of setting all energies in motion, to benefit us — the people, the ones that wish to live truly — this is why I believe that Soke Ryuho Okuyama wanted to become part of it.

Engaging the other army carried the very real risk of annihilation in which case the entire war would be decided in a single battle which is exactly what the other side wanted. Shintoism, Buddhism and Taoism. Class size is small which allows for much personalized attention to our dedicated students. Everyone was incredulous at this choice and in particular, they thought he would have surely chosen almost anyone else. The reason for this is that yelling is an easy way to activate the core and make the defender more solid, so this is a very useful thing, if noisy.

This therefore shows how the Shintoism is a great cosmic family, where everything is related.

Goshin Taiso

Skip to main content. He chose a very mediocre general with a spotty record. His response was that this general had lost enough battles to know when to retreat. The three areas are: This is built on the breathing of the soul, on regaining the universal energy through the energetic trajectories that it releases, while at the same time showing us that we are part of the UNIVERSE. The training is traditional yet always geared to practical self-defense applications.


Ichiban Dojo : Goshin Jutsu – Ken Jutsu – Goshin Taiso

Much training like this stems from old military basic training, in which it is much better that someone fail during all too rough bootcamp than on the battlefield. When the senses are calm and the mind is at rest, when the waves of our intellect halt their oscillation, then the highest level is reached.

A tree can become a Kami, if it accomplishes its ideal taiao. These two words explain very well the profound meaning of a fundamental Hakko Ryu exercise called Goshin Taiso.

Now, every technique in every martial art has mechanical and functional limits. He will grow roots in this new reality that unveils before goshun, for he has found the most priced treasure of them all. It is indeed true that there are some amazing Crossfit pros, but these are by and large genetically gifted, which cannot be reproduced reliably in a general population.

A system is an organized collection of procedures and principles to coherently achieve a goal. The Kami are the essential archetypes of things.