(Formerly known as GLENIUM 51) and Table 7: High range water reducing/Super plasticizer. Concrete n Improves concrete’s mechanic properties. Glenium is particularly effective in improving the day to day consistency of concrete mixtures. This is accomplished by providing unparalleled slump. Use Master Glenium Water Reducer with your concrete, a full-range water- reducing admixture that is highly effective in producing concrete mixtures with.

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With a relatively low dosage 0. Keep me signed in. Views Read Edit View history. The particular configuration of the MasterGlenium SKY molecules allows their delayed absorption onto the cement particles and disperses them effectively over a long period of time.

Water Reducers, High-Range

Cement and Concrete Research. MasterGlenium Rapid cement dispersion Shorter mixing time, especially in high performance mixtures Increased productivity. This new generation of superplasticizers guarantees a concrete that meets the original specification from the fresh to the hardened stage. This displacement of the polymer on the particle surface ensures to the side chains the possibility to exert repulsion forces, which disperse the particles of the suspension and avoid friction.

As a consequence of PCE adsorption, the zeta potential of the suspended particles changes, due gldnium the adsorpsion of the COO- groups on the colloid surface. Cookies help us deliver our services.


Master Glenium Water Reducer | Concrete Exchange

MasterGlenium Rapid cement dispersion Shorter mixing time, especially in high performance mixtures Improved concrete production productivity.

Superplasticizersalso known as high range water reducersare chemical admixtures used where well-dispersed particle suspension is required.

The number and the length of side chains are flexible parameters that are easy to change. PCE’s backbone, which is negatively charged, permits the adsorption on the positively charged colloidal particles.

Superplasticizer – Wikipedia

Their addition to concrete or mortar allows the reduction of the water to cement ratio without negatively affecting the workability of the mixture, and enables the production of self-consolidating concrete and high performance concrete.

Cement and Concrete Composites. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Cement Concrete Chemistry Colloidal chemistry Heterogeneous chemical mixtures. However, their working mechanisms lack a full understanding, revealing in certain cases cement-superplasticizer incompatibilities. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. MasterGlenium Enhanced slump retention High early strengths Operational efficiency.

MasterGlenium Superior early-age strengths Excellent precast-prestress product Faster turnover of forms.

Master Builders Solutions Technical Support. PCEs are composed by a methoxy- polyethylene glycol copolymer side chain grafted with methacrylic acid copolymer main chain. MasterGlenium SKY New generation polycarboxylic ether hyperplasticiser for high performance concrete. Retrieved from ” https: These polymers are used as dispersants to avoid particle segregation gravel, coarse and fine sandsand to improve the flow characteristics rheology of suspensions such as in concrete applications.


Close Login Please login with your username and password. Downloads Admixture Systems Brochure. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Keep me signed in. Admixtures added in transit through automated slump management systems, such as Verifi, comcrete allows concrete producers to maintain slump until discharge without reducing concrete quality.

The polyethylene oxide PEO or MPEG group affords a not uniform distribution of electron cloudwhich gives a chemical polarity to the side chains.

Close Login Please login with your username and password. When the side chains have a huge amount of EO units, they lower with their high molar mass the charge density of the polymer, which enables poor performances on cement suspensions.