The Georgetown Ranger District’s Rock Creek OHV area offers approximately 3, feet in elevation, Rock Creek includes trails of all difficulty levels open. OHV (motorized use) Trails in Clear Creek County. OHV (motorized use) Trails. OHV (motorized use) Trail Maps. OHV (motorized use) trails ยท Forest Service. Trail/Area Name, Map #, County, Nearest City, 4WD, Mot, ATV, UTV Argentine Pass, 16, Clear Creek, Georgetown, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Aztec Family Racing, G .

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Clearly defined maps be produced 2. The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction. Why, when illegal use continues to be rampant, didn’t you apply for a law enforcement grant? All grant requests that will increase and improve OHV activities deserve funding.

Georgetow so, please try restarting your browser. Stats Avg Trail Rating. I support the grant request The trail construction and reconstruction projects are needed to provide sustainable OHV opportunity. I would like to express my concern regarding this grant. I repeat – a well-planned rule would include funding by the Forest Service for all necessary components, which included the production of the MVUM.

Password Password must be at least 8 characters Invalid password format. EdBl That damn kid Riders can be from beginners to seasoned riding veterans.

Eldorado National Forest

Elevations range from 2, ft. Rainfall varies between 50 and 60 inches per year with the wettest season occuring generally between October and April.


The reduced recreational opportunity that resulted from Travel Management is very real, but we need to fund mapping, maintenance, and enforcement efforts to keep the recreational opportunity that remains. Kyle Koshman is at Mace Mill Ohv. The path along the creek is better on the weekdays. I question whether this project has been presented to the OHV community and has garnered their support.

I am very familiar with the spot on Rock Creek that one of the bridges should be built over. Hold my Camera I got this.

My wife complains about the why the trail is not paved, it was too dusty. The trails were ripping fast with lots of elevation loss. Turn right at the east entrance of the Balderston Road which makes a loop onto the Wentworth Springs Road. Southern Walnut Creek Trail Very good! I have left the creek a few times with my boots full of water.

Kevin Burns added a new photo โ€” at Mace Mill Ohv. The Mace Mill staging area is recommended for the more advanced rider because the access out may be a challenge for the beginner. It looked like the last mile of the trail going up along the dam was just for hiking. More Georgetown bike trails View Fewer Georgetown bike trails.

Trail Guide โ€“ Rock Creek โ€“ Georgetown, California

The one-on-one communications at these meetings has been very good to help understand the concerns and hoops that the F. Friends of Eldorado has enjoyed a good working relationship with the Forest Service providing many volunteer hours in the past and has offered to be included on some of the ones listed in the grant request.


View mobile version of this page. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. The trail is shaded in most places, meandering through nature on either side. Recon Ride this morning. Direction Trail Flow Color.

You start off at a park scene, and end up at the beautiful Lake Georgetown. Ridelog Year All-time Without this support, there will be no guarantee of success. Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park. Excellent signage is provided along the trail.

Georgetown Rock Creek | South Bay Riders

No description for Georgetown has been added yet! Made it a whole day without a crash, until Michael gave me that look as he was putting the ramp on the tale gate.

It also provides for necessary sanitary measures to be taken by constructing several vault toilets. Some areas are wooded, with a creek running beside you, and some areas have a lake, parks, bridges; its quite the outdoor experience. Since the Forest Service forced Travel Management upon the OHV community amidst great objection from OHV enthusiasts, their plan should have included a method to produce these maps, along with funding.

Rainfall varies between 50 and 60 inches per year with the wettest season occuring generally between October and April. Here is another great website. Nov 18, 5: