In a memoir, author Gary Paulsen tells tof his intimate relationship with Minnesota’s north woods and the dog team he trained for the Iditarod dogsled race. Woodsong has ratings and reviews. Autumn said: Gary Paulsen, three-time Newbery Honor author, is no stranger to adventure. He has flown off the. Woodsong is a book of memoirs by Gary Paulsen. The first half consists of Paulsen’s early experiences running sled dogs in Minnesota and then in Alaska, and.

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They communicate with him so well and know what he is paulsn. This is very good, but in some ways, a challenging read for what appears to be a children’s book. The dogs make Gary go deep in thought and really think about things. Not only that, but the comparisons were to a diverse array of accomplished writers, indicating a versatility perhaps unequalled among his contemporaries.

Woodsong By Gary Paulsen. He has led a team of sled dogs toward the Alaskan Mountain Doodsong in an Iditarod — the grueling, 1,mile dogsled race — hallucinating from lack of sleep, but he determined to finish.

Jan 28, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 26, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 19, Basketball rated wodosong it was ok.

Woodsong – Wikipedia

He get’s into some predicaments, like falling off a tall ledge and tumbling over a waterf Personal- I thought Woodsong was a great book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the wilderness and the animals in, and around it.

He talks about running trap lines in northern Woodsont. Many exceptionally substantive teen novels require four or five hundred pages to get their message across, but Gary Paulsen has fine-tuned the art of conveying his point in not much more than a hundred pages, and usually does it better than books quintuple that length.

Two dogs that Gary learned so very much from. I figured that some of the things he had seen were real but turned out not to be. Gary traps and hunts game. I think people should read it even if you don’t like outdoors because I think at least the first four chapters will get to you.


Gary makes the mistake of falling off his sled and breaking his knee which almost cost him his life. A youthful summer of rigorous chores on a farm; jobs as an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, and sailor; and two rounds of the 1,mile Alaskan dog sled race, the Iditarod; have provided ample material from which he creates his stories.

It was for school. The man starts out with only one team of old sled dogs given to him by some of his friends to expand his trapline. Nothing stops Storm in any situation no matter what the circumstances. It makes him seem like he is a philosopher. He is always in the woods riding with his dogs training them for the big race. He is repeatedly afflicted by lifelike hallucinations caused by extreme sleep deprivation, such as a man with a trench coat talking about educational grants, and hallucinating about a man hallucinating.

Apr 19, Chris F rated it it was amazing.

He really got hooked on running dogs. Paulsen was one of my favorite authors woofsong a child and I am glad to see that my trust in him as an author was well-deserved. He lives in the woods with his wife and son and faces many challenges that can cause injury or fatality. You always want to keep reading and find out what will happen because you are always so engaged in the book.

Retrieved from ” https: No one wants to be hurt, but if you’re alive it’s going to happen, and repeatedly. There was always an interesting part, and you never wanted to stop reading. Gary Paulsen is one of the most honored writers of contemporary literature for young readers, author of three Newbery Honor titles, DogsongHatchetand The Winter Room. Gary lets inexperienced dogs lead without paying much attention and they go off of a pauslen cliff. The book is also funny at times and a couple of choice stories and phrases had me laughing out loud.

This may be Paulsen’s best book yet: The weather caused major problems for the main character in this book. Middle school, low-level high school The blood horrifies Paulsen, but to Storm it’s nothing, certainly no reason to abandon his sled team to do all the work while he rests.


He get’s into some predicaments, like falling off a tall ledge and tumbling over a waterfall.

Gary Paulsen talks about his life. I can really picture what is happened in the book, and I liked reading a book that showed this.


I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12 and up. Gary is always telling wise stories and talking about the mistakes he has made in the past.

He’s already made his grandma read it, too. There was a pack of wolves chasing her and the wolves killed her and on that moment on he had changed the way he looked at the wildlife changed the way he thought of nature it changed everything. The In the book Woodsong, the author Gary Paulson is writing about his adventure during the Iditarod with his sled dogs. Its implications for the view humans take of one another is sobering, asking us to reconsider what we think of individuals who deviate from the code of conduct written by mainstream society, demanding they adhere to those values or be branded monsters who deserve to be put down for their crimes against decency.

This may prevent them from seeing the true theme of conquering fears and accomplishing goals.

Gary Paulsen went on many d Personal Response: Having no other choice, Paulsen reties Storm to the sled and starts for home, resigned to this being the dog’s farewell run. The front cover captures paulsne essence of the book, with a portrait of a bearded man above shadows of a figure on a sled being pulled by dogs. The front cover and plot synopsis of Woodsong indicate it’s the story of Paulsen’s first Iditarod, but it’s more about his early dog-sledding years, raising his team from pups and growing in his own understanding of why they run and the role he plays on the team.

May 16, Collin Jorgensen rated it it was amazing.