“Un veac de singurătate”, capodopera care l-a propulsat pe Gabriel García Márquez pe orbita celebrităţii internaţionale şi i-a adus premiul Nobel (), este. May 30, Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Un veac de singuratate -. Un veac de singuratate face parte dintr-o categorie rara de carti, Scriitorul columbian Gabriel Garcia Marquez a murit joi la vârsta de 87 de.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude. The air was so damp that fish could have come in through the doors and swum out the windows.

It was certainly an interesting reading experience, but it took a while to get through. Consequently there is no tension of development, of discovery, but merely the flatness of yet another unnecessary familial trial that leads nowhere except to further obsession and avoidable grief. It is a South American Genesis, an earthy piece of enchantment and so much more.

And the ubiquitous ants. Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Un veac de singuratate. Other than I know that Amarantha is somehow fierce it’s difficult to describe the rest of the characters personalities.

When one Jose Arcadio Buendia loses the memory of things, he goes mad: Some of his works are set in a fictional village called Macondo, and most of them express the theme of solitude. The banana plantations too, established nearby, with their bloody workers strikesthe foreign owners arriveimporting odd fashions and customs.

If this all sounds too specific, yes I had this conversation with a professor of mine. Of course marauez grows aquatic plants in his false teeth. View all 19 comments.

I rarely notice worldbuilding issues in my reads because I have a strong imagination. Pilar is always presented as a very loving figure, and the author often uses names in a similar fashion. I have patience for a lot of excesses, like verbiage and chocolate, but not for pages featuring three generations of people with the More like A Hundred Years of Torture. The dolls of the child-bride treasured by the mother-in-law and heroine Ursula. Determined to decipher the gypsies secret to the universe, they holed themselves up in an alchemist’s lab, rarely seen by the outside world.

As a demi-feminist some scenes were hard to stomach. It reflects so much of the colombian magical realism that, might not very appealing to everybody. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A dominant theme in One Hundred Years of Solitude is the inevitable and inescapable repetition of history in Macondo.


Between the prose and magical realism and a memorable story for the ages, One Hundred Years of Solitude is an epic, genre changing, extraordinary novel.

gabriel-garcia-marquez-un-veac-de-singuratate – Radio DEEA

Paperback3rd editionpages. Apr 22, Al final tienen tres hijos: This will be a better life for all, a utopia, gabtiel people will prosper, the first born will appropriately be a Buendia, the son of Jose and Ursula, named after the founder of the town Jose Arcadio himself, soon another son Aureliano and daughter Amaranta, seven generations will live here, the last six, to be their birthplace.

The more they discover the more they are sucked into the inescapable cycle of life. In his rush to get the bare bones on paper, he forgot to add the things which bring a story alive. He really had been through death, but he had maqruez because he could not bear the solitude. My fifth Marquez book had what I would come to expect in terms of magical realism, but through all the death, violence, and weird happenings, I found many of the characters still attached to real life situations, dealing with love, loss and war that had real consequences.

Remedios was the youngest daughter of the town’s Conservative administrator, Don Apolinar Moscote. This, my friends, is the crux of our solitude. Revised 28 March Huh? She dies shortly after the marriage from a blood poisoning illness during her pregnancy. It taught me that there are as many recipes for love as there are lovers in the world, and that human beings are lazy and energetic, good and bad, young and old, ugly and beautiful, honest and dishonest, happy and sad, all at the same time, – together and lonely.

Then again, he also used to re-read Ulysses for fun, which just goes to show that you should never take book advice from someone whose IQ is more than 30 points higher than your own. And yes, they’re interesting events, I’ll grant you that, but they’re told sjnguratate such emotional detachment that I honestly didn’t care for any of the characters who experienced them.

Insomnia plague Rebeca brings a mysterious insomnia plague to Macondo, causing loss of memory and sleep. His works have achieved significant critical acclaim and widespread commercial success, most notably for popularizing a literary style labeled as magical realism, which uses magical elements and singuratat in order to explain real experiences.


Y no es para menos. Beyond that it’s just conjecture. She remains in the house after her husband dies, taking care of the household until her death. Nov 17, V. It deservedly won the noble prize for literature.

A cold jag with no heart or soul, told from an omniscient distance. The result is one long, continuous narrative about this large and ultimately doomed family, wherein the Buendia family itself is the main character, and the actual family members are secondary to that. Like I said, I don’t think this was a book to “get. Well, I certainly don’t think I would take this as one of my few novels after being dumped on a desert island, nor would I have a special place on my bookshelf, and gracia it out every now and then to scrape moss from the cover and shoo away any unwanted lizards from within the pages, but yes, I am glad to have garcix it.

Un veac de singurătate

The banana company and the government completely cover up the event. Until soon before the Sijguratate death, her dolls are displayed in his bedroom.

The story is aided by a pedigree one keeps referring to in the beginning of the book, as its immense scope yes, years and maddening array of characters demand of the reader to conjure up visualizations of what exactly is going on. I can literally feel new wrinkles spreading across the surface of my brain when I read this guy. Despondent over the loss of both sisters, he kills himself. All these objects have their proper place among the daily going abouts of the Buendia family, and serve to weave into the story a sense of BOTH the ordinary and the surreal.

Garciq in Poetics argues that a convincing impossibility in mimesis is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility.