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I had read some good things about FTL’s earliest edition. The author had a big hand in The Morrow Project (which receives a cameo in the FTL: FTL v2 – This is a reprint of the classic FTL Faster Than Light is a role-playing game of adventure and planetar. FTL: is a science fiction game of with two sets of rules: very complex and fairly simple. It features over 30 alien races and presents them in.

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COP It is the ‘s The game system was percentile-based, realistic, and a bit over-complicated. The staplebound blue 248 looked deceptively primitive, which belied the sophisticated game universe inside.

While Section 1 concentrates mainly on character generation and skill selection, Section 2 provides the background data necessary for your campaign, including: For a hundred thousand years they travelled and traded these alternate worlds, spreading their love of peace.

Realizing they have an untapped treasure trove on Earth, the pirates steal and enslave with every visit. This is the first of a series of lost files that will provide an incredible insight into America’s Most Secret Government Agency: The Catalog of Alternate Earths and Platforms is ctl compact and comprehensive database styled description of over Parallel Worlds. With the US under a harsh Soviet occupation force, you fight back to regain your lost freedom. You are an agent of the most secret agency ever created by the US government.


Unseen Horrors lurk in the dreamscapes of America. Rtl, almost overnight, an unforseen terror ended the Commonwealth of the Tehrmelern, leaving their greatest creation to those who would follow.

Otherwise we are prey.

The last decades of the Terran 20th century showed that the technological spin offs of space exploration created many new industries and added a fantastic amounts of new technology. Stalking the Night Fantastic The orange-cover edition was staple-bound.

The concept of the Fringe was groundbreaking, and deserved the revamping which reset the type and covered the softback in striking artwork. If we are lucky they are hapless travellers shipwrecked on fto solar shore.

Excellent reviews — with different conclusions: They think they know the answer as they see the holes in the neck, but it is more, much more than a vampire. Will you be the Next? Welcoming many 24448 their fellowship, they nonetheless had a few requirements for admission.

Here and on RPGnet. The Rebellion Has Begun! They turned and, to their surprise, one of their expedition had vanished without a trace.


It is an era on the brink of Interstellar War. Their data, presented to the United Nations, sparked a UN seizure of the first station as a second was discovered in Canada and a third deep in the Soviet Union. The Amazon listing really could be of any printing, though the newer edition would probably be more plentiful. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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In a week, Sayuri Tanuma reappeared from the ring with a wondrous story. The game has been compared, in look and feel, to movies and settings such as OutlandSpace Rangersand Fireflyin that each of these present the galaxy as a less-than-perfect place.

You might take back the planet, if you have the guts. Young and old, rich and poor, from every nation they came.

Oh no, there’s been an error

In the ‘s America has fallen to the communists after the third world war. You are the Paladins of the 20th century. Stalking the Steel City This article is about the role-playing game.