The Robbers, drama in five acts by Friedrich Schiller, published in and produced in as Die Räuber. Set in 16th-century Germany, The Robbers. The The Robbers Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author by Friedrich Schiller . An analysis of THE ROBBERS, a play by Friedrich Schiller.

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The Robbers | drama by Schiller |

Translations of The Robbers soon appeared in almost all the languages of Europe, and were read in all of them, with a deep interest, compounded of admiration and aversion, according to the relative proportions of sensibility and judgment in the various minds which contemplated the subject. Your email address will not be published. Wallenstein and Octavio are complex characters that keep you guessing; there’s unscrupulous The Robbers was Again, only read a few selections from this one so far, but will soon finish it off.

A modern classic about a crazy MF. His robbers had a high opinion of him.

Franz told his father that he was reading the easiest parts because he wanted to spare him the pain. Learn how your comment data is processed. Was he always going to be a traitor? Spielberg told him the story to make him remember that courage rises in danger and that he should join him in Paris and London.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Soon Schwarz brought him a letter from his dad. Hermann and Franz entered.

The Robbers by Friedrich Schiller

Soliloquies on this subject are numerous–from the time of Hamletof Catoand downwards. One charge brought against him must have dampened the joy of literary glory, and stung Schiller’s pure and virtuous mind more deeply than any other. In Czech Schwarz bring the news of Friedricg being killed and Karl was furious because Roller was very significant for him. Back to Friedrich Schiller.

In the meantime, Moor says he wants to get away from everything and wait for the apocalypse, but a priest comes saying they are surrounded by people waiting to hang them. For characters like him, the great attraction was the charms of revelry, and the great restraint, the gallows,–before the period of Karl von Moor, just as they have been since, and will be to the end of time. I would people the silent wilderness with my fantasies; I should have Eternity for schuller to examine the perplexed image of the universal woe.


Learn More in these related Britannica articles: She called the pastor to come.

Her despair and killing at the end is most unpleasant. It can now be hardly necessary to contradict these theories; or to show that none but a candidate for Bedlam as well as Tyburn could schhiller seduced from the substantial comforts of existence, to seek destruction and disgrace, for the sake of such imaginary grandeur.

The city was rebuilt and became a centre of the revolutionary movement in — In the end, he decided to hand himself over to a poor man who had eleven children so that he could receive a thousand goldfinches for handing him over.

Morning Star rated it it was amazing Jan 12, We also find out that Amalia had rejected him because of Karl and that he was still holding a grudge. What is the best way to achieve peace and who was actually seeking it?

The Robbers

Daniel walked in scared because he saw a group of horse riders coming their way. Please try again later.

I enjoyed The Robbers. To ask other readers questions about Frieddich Robbers and Wallensteinplease sign up. He was accused of having injured the cause of morality by his work; of having set up to the impetuous and fiery temperament of youth a model of imitation which the young were too likely to pursue with eagerness, and which could only lead them from the safe and beaten tracks of duty into error and destruction.

Feb 28, Maria Varela rated it it was ok. In the beginning, Karl was trying to come home to his father, begging for his forgiveness. His villainous younger brother Franz poisons their….

The Robbers and Wallenstein by Friedrich Schiller

Karl and the rest of his gang came, including Roller who says he is only alive thanks to Karl. Kosinsky came to the robbers looking for Karl because he wanted to join them.


One day he hit the dog in the ribs with a rock, and when the dog started chasing him he had no other option than to run, and the pond was schillr front of him so he had to jump it and he did it. He may know each soldier under his command after meeting him but once, ronbers, he sacrifices everyone for his quest to command a kingdom, even his most loyal including his daughter.

Schi,ler was still mourning Karl, and he told him that his son must have forgiven him. It is in vain that we rebel against the inconsistences and crudities of the work: It has shared the fate of German politics and history: The publication of The Robbers forms an era not only in Schiller’s history, but in the literature of the World; and there seems no doubt that, but for so mean a cause as the perverted discipline schliler the Stuttgart school, we would never have seen this tragedy.

All three took a step forward, and the third one said he was weighting human thoughts. In the meantime, Spielberg was gathering a group of friend to form a gang and make a shelter in the forest in Czech. In his preface, he speaks of the moral effect of The Robbers in terms which do honor to his heart, while they show the inexperience of his head.

He became a leader of a robber gang. When he pours forth his wild recollections, or still wilder forebodings, there is a terrible vehemence in his expressions, which overpowers us, in spite both of his and their extravagance. Written at the age of twenty-one, “The Robbers” was his first play.

Wallenstein’s camp was translated to rhyme and was in the exact same meter as “The Night Before Christmas” which was super-distracting. Karl shot out of his gun and woke up his robbers.